New necklace

It came in the mail last week. It is 32″ long. The beads are fluorite and the pendant is amethyst. My sister and I went up to a little mountain town today. One of the things we did was to go shopping at a candy store that also sold rocks, go figure. I bought several rocks including a selenite wand, a couple of clear quartz crystal points, some amethyst clusters, 4 hematite, and a couple of rocks that are either yellow citrine or yellow fluorite. I do think they are citrine. I will be sharing pictures this week.

On the ride back down the mountain pass, I let my sister put the clear crystals on her abdomen to help heal some issues. When she held them to her skin they were warm. One was warmer than the others so I told her to keep it and gave her the selenite wand to use to charge it when she returned home.

My nephew has a large (55lb) soon-to-be 2yo puppy that stays at my sister’s home when he is at work. We walked in the door and the puppy went nuts barking and running around. She wanted to play. She was happy to se us giving us kisses & carrying on. When my sister held the two stones (the selenite and clear quartz) out for the puppy to investigate, she immediately calmed down, put her ears down, made her sweet face and licked my sister’s arm. My sister took them away and the puppy again went nuts jumping and barking. Brought them back to the puppy’s face and she again calmed down.

I’m glad my sister was with me on my buying trip. It was nice to share the knowledge of crystal healing with her. We had a nice talk about it while driving back home.

I for one am glad that holistic healing is becoming more popular and that the knowledge is more readily available. People deserve to be liberated from the devastating affects of modern medicine.

Have you had a positive experience with holistic healing? Feel free to share it with us on this blog.