Mini healing stones

I ordered some stones off of the Internet. They are small but lovely and they came in a cardboard box for storage.

I am new to crystal healing. People recommend going into stores and holding crystals in your hand to feel their vibrations to see if they are the right crystal for you and how you intend to use the crystal. I tried that the other day but the store I went into hand signs everywhere not to touch the crystals because of the pandemic. I get it but then again if people are taking the crystals home, physically cleansing them as well as their own techniques of cleansing them of negative energy, I don’t see the issue with it. People are touching all kinds of things at the grocery stores.

Be that as it may, I do not see the need to suss out the energy of a stone before using it. I know, as I said I am new but bear with me…

I watched this video on Amazon, ‘The Power of Crystals‘. In it one of the healing practitioners said she did not do complicated cleansing rituals as some do. Her philosophy is that if you can program a crystal with your intent, you should also be able to cleanse it the same way.

I’m taking that idea one step further; if you can cleanse and program any crystal it should not matter if you buy it in perosn or over the Internet because you are going to, ‘infuse’ it with your intent anyway.

I am not saying that you feel ‘closer’ to some crystals more than others or that some do not vibrate and ‘speak’ to you. It’s great when that happens. What I am saying is try not to limit yourself with certain beliefs. Train yourself to adapt to situations that may not be your ideal.

Flexibility pays off. Taking any crystal and working to program it no matter how it feels to you will help to hone/improve your intuitive abilities.

If you have been dealing with a particularly difficult crystal or want to try improving your intuitive abilities, give this a go.

Let me know how you did.