Keeping a food log for clarity

cheese burger
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It is no secret that America is fighting a battle against obesity. A battle that takes more lives every year than Covid-19 has and yet… it is a battle that is largely unaddressed.

Keeping a food log of what you eat everyday in which you keep track of; Calories, fats, carbs, and sugar; will help you gain perspective on how many calories you are REALLY eating each day. How many of those calories are you drinking? Just because it comes in a cup or glass does not mean it doesn’t count.

Many people who are overweight or obese have a common factor contributing to their ill health; calorie blindness.

A food log, or diary, is not a meal planner. Unless you are meal planning to include the nutritional information in each contain, you will need to do a separate log for everything that you eat/put into your mouth, even going so far as counting the number or ounces of water you drink each day.

Keeping a food log is like the difference between seeing yourself in a mirror and taking a picture of yourself from every angle. The camera, like the food log, does not lie. We are so very good at convincing ourselves we are ‘doing ok’. When we keep a log of what we eat on a daily basis, or take a photo of ourselves straight on with no special lighting or creative posing, we finally give ourselves the truth about how well, or how ill, we are doing in our health and wellness.

You can get as creative and fancy as you like. But for now, I recommend just getting some paper and a pen and writing down every food you eat, and how much. At the end of the day or on the next morning, sit down and look up the calories per serving of what you ate.

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In the above example, if you use it, find a place to add sugar and fat. The columns are wide. You can squeeze them in with another box or two or draw on of your own.

The point of this exercise is not to make it complicated but to give yourself perspective.

Fresh, clear, well-seasoned PERSPECTIVE – Anton Ego (Ratatouille) – Choose  Fire
Fresh, clear, well-seasoned PERSPECTIVE.

America is facing an obesity crisis the likes of which we have never before seen.

You may or may not realize you need to lose weight. If you are brave enough, and your friends and family are too, ask yourselves, and each other, if you/they think you/they need to lose weight. then forgive one another and get going on your journeys of fitness.