12 week challenge and intermittent fasting update

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The short report… it’s working.

The slightly longer report: I fast from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.. Which of course means my 8 hour eating window is from 6-2. I put an app on my phone Bodyfast, to help me track my progress. the app allows you to track your body measurements, your weight, and your water intake. It checks in with you once a week so that you can document how you are doing, what you are feeling, the challenges you faced, etc. These sorts of trackers are a great way to keep a bead on where you might need to make adjustments or, when needed, give you encouragement. It’s great to look at the screen and see the weight that has already dropped off. I have so far dropped 21lbs since I began my 12 week challenge. Fourteen of those pounds were from intermittent fasting. Water is an important aspect of IF. It helps you to feel food thereby curbing cravings. The app also allows you to track your water intake either in liters or ounces. I do not pay for any of the coaching. I have set my fast times and my trackers and that is what I am sticking to.

If I did not like food, I would not have an issue with my weight. IF (intermittent fasting) allows me to cook and eat like a normal person. I have changed what I eat some what but not drastically. I’m still not a veggie person. I do not like to exercise.

Pick the time of day you want to eat and the time of day you can do without food. I chose to skip dinner. some people eat at night but skip breakfast. Do what works for you. Also, there is a bit of an issue with constipation when doing IF. I combat that by occasionally drinking a mug of warm water with a good sized spoonful of molasses mixed in. Some people eat a spoonful of molasses everyday but I have a life to live and cannot spend it on the toilet all of the time.

I have found that in order not to feel absolutely famished at night, I need to eat a good sized amount of food right before my 2:00 p.m. cut off. If I eat too much in the morning and cannot eat at 2:00 because I feel too full, I don’t make it all night without snacking. I like the IF way of eating because it is more intuitive. Other ways of eating are too rigid.

If you decide to try IF let me know how it is going for you.