12 week challenge update

I am still doing my fitness challenge, however, I am not exclusively eating meat. I know. I love eating meat but since my husband is not on board 100% with this I am trying to be flexible about it all.

We love Ramen noodles. They are a good, quick meal that doe snot heat the whole house during the hot days of summer.

Ramen Noodles GIF | Ponyo, Anime, Advertising photography

What I am doing, which is working by the way (10lbs lighter now), is intermittent fasting. It took a couple of weeks to find the plan that worked best for me and how to use it but now that i have, I am seeing good results.

Being fit and healthy does take work. More for some than others, and it takes more than just going to the doctor once a year.

There is no, ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to nutrition. If you are eating according to a plan that is a constant struggle, you will not be successful.

I am not going to go into the IF (intermittent fasting) details. There are many articles, books, and apps out there to guide you should you choose to do IF.

Remember to be patient and kind to yourself while you are going through your learning curve. Do research. Keep going. Give it more than a couple of days.

You are never too old to change or to learn something new.