I love a ‘cottage-y’ home

My house is very much NOT a cottage. Built in the late 1960’s during the space-race craze, it looks like a spaceship trying to take off. It has a flat roof and the corners of the roof come up at the tips. Maybe it looks a bit more like ‘The flying Nun’s’ habit?

I was surfing the Net on my phone last night and came across some photos of lovely cottage home interiors.

Floral fabrics and blue vase accents… PERFECT!

I love plaid and strips with florals. It gives the look a bit of the unexpected and breaks things up. Too much of a good thing (floral fabrics) can become tedious. An added bonus is it adds some masculinity to the room. You do not want your husband, or male guests to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.


Tropical floral fabric on the sofa, lovely plaid ottoman.


Love this sofa at the foot of the bed.


Book nook.


What do you think of the curtains covering up the books? I love the look of books so not sure I would do it. I have a very long living room and I think I would put curtains up at the side over the entry way just to end the room. I seemingly goes on forever and conversations echo.


My absolute favorite although I would add more red and take out some of the yellowish green. Perhaps reupholster the chair and ottoman in front of the cabinet in red stripe fabric that matches the bottom edge of the sofa (if I could not find the exact fabric)?

A cozy home, no matter how you decorate makes coming home from work, or staying home because of plagues, a more pleasant experience.

Have you wanted to change up your decor? Have you perfected the look of your home at long last? I would love to hear from you in comments.

6 thoughts on “I love a ‘cottage-y’ home

  1. Great post, Melissa. Beautiful photos.
    I agree that our homes should be places where people feel loved, protected, and welcomed.
    The more time we spend on small details around our homes, the more comfortable they become.
    Each home, and it’s location is unique.
    We have no curtains on the back windows of our home so that we can see the ocean, and the beauty of sunsets.
    Our home was blessed by our priest. This meant a lot to us.
    Does the Orthodox faith bless homes ?

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