12 week challenge part 2

I had to run out the door earlier. I was meeting mom to go to the box store to buy steaks and things for the next 12 weeks.

raw meat on white plate
Photo by: Sven Brandsma

I had to cut off my participation off early in the Apostle’s Fast, at least the eating part. We know fasting is about more than just what goes in our mouths, right?

I am a bit sad about not being able to do this. I have issues with my hands that are made worse by the lectins in plants. Despite the hype, plants cause inflammation.

The best I ever felt, was successful about weight loss, and improving my health was when I took a January carnivore challenge. I did not continue after the challenge was over. I should have. It needs to be my life or I will continue to gain weight and then here comes type 2 diabetes.

Breakfast was bacon, lunch is chicken wings with no sauces. Water, coffee or green tea to drink.

I will be throwing in some intermittent fasting along the way.

Lord have mercy. May my endeavors be blessed.