The knowledge of dogs

Remember that person I asked you all to pray for the other day? The one that might have cancer? I gave them some Holy Water a few days ago from my personal supply. Into a gallon jug of water I poured out some of the Holy Water given to me by my priest who had just received a case of it from a monastery. Unfortunately, I did not have a fancy bottle to give to her, just a gallon jug from the store but here’s the thing… blessed water blesses other water and everything else it touches. Orthodox Christian blessed water never goes bad, or so I’ve been told, and I am inclined to believe this mystery.

Back to my friend. She stores the jug in her walk-in pantry. This morning, she got up, gave the dog fresh water for its dish per her usual morning routine. The dog kept walking into the pantry, walking back out, would look up at the woman and walk back in. Finally, my friend goes to see what the dog is up to. the dog walks over to the jug of Holy Water and boops it with her nose. She-wanted-the-Holy-water!

A few years ago when this same person had cancer before, she was given a vial of Holy, Blessed Oil from a myrrh streaming icon. She had to store it up high in a cabinet because the same dog kept trying to get to it. When my friend took the vial down from the shelf, that dog would jump at her trying to grab it or knock it out of her hands. She wanted that vial of Oil!

I find it interesting that so many Christians talk themselves out of the mysteries of healing through the Church and her sacraments and yet those same people fully trust in science and medicine which is proven to be unreliable.

Church tradition is full of stories of healing from Blessed waters and Holy Oil. People demand proof, documentation and even then they refuse to believe. I see so many people talking themselves out of; the ‘wonderment of God’, His healing mysteries, His gifts that are freely given. They instead put their trust in the world.

This dog has no cognitive idea of what is in that bottle of water. It did not read a study, or watch a documentary, on the healing waters of Lourdes. It only knows there is something in that bottle that it must have. It knows more, on a fundamental level, than most humans will allow themselves to be told.

How does it know? I have no clue. Sometimes, wisdom comes from children, sometimes from animals. God gave a message to, Balaam through his donkey. God can, and does, use anything, and anyone to get our attention and show us the way. Are you paying attention?

On a side note; If you attend the same parish as I and you are reading this and you think you know who it is that I am writing about… please keep it to yourself. Please do not run up to this person and start talking to them about what I am writing. Although this is a public forum, it is personal. Strange as that may seem. Publicly private seems to be an oxymoron. No one who bumped into this person on the street would know anything about them and that is the private part. Friends, family, church family might figure it out depending on who knows what but it is not for you to run up to them and talk about it. If they want you to know individually, they will come to you and tell you. Please be sensitive to their privacy. Thank you!

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  1. Absolutely right here and I know my own dog on occasions has served as a vessel for God’s Holy Spirit to direct me on my path or to bring my attention to something important in confirming God’s presence in my life. Secularism has taken over many people and far too many people are looking to science, technology and other people to solve their problems or actually in the case of science they begin to worship it. I wrote a short article a few months ago that was without a doubt God letting my dog be involved in my walk one winter day with her that had a very unexpected amazing surprise in store for me. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and wisdom Melissa and I share mine in the same light and spirit. Amen 🙏 🙏 .

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