Your first suggestion for tradwife conversion

If you are interested in developing your skills as a ‘tradwife’, my first suggested for you as you begin your journey is to go to the Flylady’s website LINK HERE.FlyLady and Friends! 04/23 by FlyLady | Family

This former Mary Kay Consultant, yes- THAT KIND OF Mary Kay Consultant, has developed a daily/weekly cleaning system that can help you begin your journey to a cleaner, less-cluttered home. WARNING; I recommend NOT signing up for her daily emails or you will be inundated. If you like that sort of thing, go for it. I prefer to visit her sight and mark things out in my personal planner.

The next recommendation is to find a book you will read about decluttering. My mom and dad went and did a ‘Swedish Death Cleaning’ on their house last year when they downsized to move into an apartment. Swedish Death Cleaning is severe and may not be suitable for the overly sentimental who are attached to their things. However, if you are drowning in a sea of ‘things’ you may need to buckle down and get control over your things before they get control over you.

Another decluttering book is; The Konmari Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of ...

If you have never heard of, Marie Kondo… I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’ve been up to (probably things more fun than decluttering which is just about EVERYTHING) but she’s a pretty big deal. She has several books in print about the joys of decluttering. Not only does she write about decluttering, she also writes about how to organize which is helpful because once you get rid of the things you really, no REALLY, don’t need, you will need to figure out how to organize what remains. Someone on Etsy came up with their own printable Konmari check sheets.

I did Konmari a few years ago and filled several trash bags with clothes I no longer wore but had not yet shifted out of my life. I need to do this again, It’s good to do it periodically so that things stay under control once you get them under control. I also need to do this with art supplies, gardening things, etc.

I am a work in progress. You will be too even when your house reaches your desired decluttered and clean level there is always something to do. I’m sorry if that is discouraging. It’s not meant to be. All I’m saying is that in order for this to work you must find balance between being tough ton what to throw out but also giving yourself time to adjust.

Another REALLY good, in depth book is: Home Comforts: the art and Science of Keeping House.

FlyLady and Mari Kondo help you to declutter (you can’t clean clutter says the, FlyLady). The FlyLady also helps you get into a routine and develop a schedule to keep you on track. What Cheryl Mendelson does it take things to a whole new level. Mrs. Mendelson’s book is IN DEPTH. It’s a bit difficult for me to explain… but I will try. Her book is like an owner’s manual on life, housework, and LIVING a clean life. What does THAT mean. Her concept of housekeeping is that a clean house is essential for healthy living. A dirty house is a health hazard in ways you may not have previously considered. It is not just a book on housekeeping… it is an 800+ page tome on just about everything you need to know to RUN a home. What are the various coffee makers, how do they work which would suit your needs the best? She’ll tell you. Need to know about fluorescent compact bulbs? She wrote about them. She not only writes about keeping house but how she was in the closet for some many years about her love and passion for all things related to keeping house. Mrs. Hughes from Downton Abbey wishes she was Mrs. Mendelson.

An excerpt from her book reads; ‘Housekeeping comprises the ability to find, evaluate, and use information about nutrition, cooking, chemistry, and biology, health, comfort, laundry, cleaning, and safety. Above all, housekeeping must be intelligent so that it can be empathetic, for empathy is the form of intelligence that creates the feeling of home. Good housekeepers know intuitively what needs to be done in their homes because they know how their homes make people feel. ‘


Being the keeper of your home means being the gatekeeper of your home. Mrs. Mendelson takes to heart the mentality of the homemaker. She understands the negativity homemakers face by our culture. She explains it in a way that helps the homemaker, or aspiring homemaker, to tap into a proper mindset about their journey.

Proper Mindset in Sales | No Strings Attached - ENews

I highly recommend buying her book first if you’re on a budget. Go to the Flylady site for the decluttering but use the Home Comforts book to help put you in the proper mindset. It is important to prepare mentally before embarking on this, or any other journey.

Homemaking is noble, it’s serious, it takes intelligence and compassion. You are putting the needs of your husband, and children if you have them, before yours. That is not easy to do especially in a society that promotes selfishness with such intensity.

Are you ready to begin your journey? - Kitchen Clipart clean kitchen 3 - 1200 X 1200 ...


  1. Excellent, Melissa ! A homemaker creates a beautiful and safe environment for others.
    Today I am hand washing silk pillowcases and hanging them to dry in the lovely fresh air outside.
    I love my clothes line! 🤗

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    1. MelissaBishop says:

      Yes! I am waiting for new silk pillow cases to arrive. I long for a clothes line. Although… we have naughty birds; blue jays, crows, magpies, maybe curious is the better word? They probably would mess with the clothes out of curiosity and my wash would end up in the dirt!

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      1. Aha…naughty birds, I can see your concern…our line is fairly close to our house.
        Clotheslines are a way of life up here…and Mondays are traditionally washing days.
        Many tourists like to take photos of our clotheslines. 🤗

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  2. Thank you. So useful! Christ is Risen!

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    1. May I also ask how on earth you make all this time? Because you certainly do not have all this time, but you make it. Your prayers

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      1. MelissaBishop says:

        God makes ways where I see none.


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