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I was feeling rather sad yesterday until I heard another Orthodox Church’s bells ring out for, Pascha! Beautiful, Pascha! on IG. That brightened my mood considerably. Thne, I watched my parish priest carry out Holy Saturday services on Vimeo.

I pray they post, Pascha! services as well so that I and my husband can watch them. He would not have been able to attend services because of health issues & our priest is not a big fan of technology but because of Covid19, he has agreed to allow filming of services and for them to be posted on Vimeo. It has been hard to watch my priest cense an empty temple until my husband pointed out, ‘He’s not REALLY alone.’ from the mouths of catechumens!

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  1. I watched the video. I love the chanting ! This soothed my spirit. Thank-you.🤗

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    1. MelissaBishop says:

      You’re welcome.

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