Your first suggestion for tradwife conversion

If you are interested in developing your skills as a ‘tradwife’, my first suggested for you as you begin your journey is to go to the Flylady’s website LINK HERE. This former Mary Kay Consultant, yes- THAT KIND OF Mary Kay Consultant, has developed a daily/weekly cleaning system that can help you begin your journey…

Sacraments at home

I have lost count as to how many weeks it has been since I last took the eucharist. Through some personal bungling, I was unable to take it at the last presanctification liturgy I attended. The last time I took it was BEFORE the shut down. I don’t want to make vows because the devil…

Beauty and wonderment in the simple things of life

I put string up to give the pea plants something to hold on to while they grow.  This one has not yet found the string. The others that found the string look as if they are gripping it for dear life with tiny, green fingers. This tendril has wrapped itself itself around its own stalk….

Traditional Housewives

Are you a traditional, or ‘trad-wife’. I am. I never thought I would be. I fell for the lies of feminism; hook, line and sinker. I was miserable but I never knew why until I married in 2004 at the age of 37. British Trad-wife in above video explains: Five reasons I LOVE being a…

Squirrels and things

The squirrels and bunnies have been out and about in my backyard. They are cute, taking their little dirt baths in my yard, but they are so very destructive to my garden and lawn.

Butterfly Wings!

Look at how creative is my God! The leaves of this Magnolia Sweet Pea plant are shaped like butterfly wings! LOVE! I am growing a small vegetable garden IN my house. Why inside and not outside? We have a short growing season and the critters (including large deer) think any plant in by backyard has…


Christ has risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those int he tombs bestowing life! 3x I was feeling rather sad yesterday until I heard another Orthodox Church’s bells ring out for, Pascha! Beautiful, Pascha! on IG. That brightened my mood considerably. Thne, I watched my parish priest carry out Holy…

Springtime snow

It started snowing last night and we woke up to a few inches of the white, fluffy stuff this morning. Springtime indeed. It is Holy Week.

Carpe Diem planner unboxing

I purchased a mini-planner from, Carpe Diem and it arrived yesterday. I have had a hard time finding a planner I like. Will this be the one that captures my heart?  

Another review of the Holy Week books

When I did my first review, I never thought I would be using them in my home and not while in church at the services of Holy Week. If you were to attend every service during holy Week, you could spend at least 40 hours in church!. That has been ripped away from us but…