Book review: The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God

Please watch my video of my review of what I believe to be a good book for converts to read, or really anyone with issues about venerating Mary.

I’m not sure I made clear the use of the word ‘until’ in my reading so I’m putting that page here for you to read.

“After the birth of Jesus,” said the false teacher Helvidius in the 4th
century, and likewise many others before and after him, “Mary entered
into conjugal life with Joseph and had from him children, who are called
in the Gospels the brothers and sisters of Christ.” But the word “until”
does not signify that Mary remained a virgin only until a certain time.
The word “until” and words similar to it often signify eternity. In the
Sacred Scripture it is said of Christ: In His days shall shine forth
righteousness and an abundance of peace, until the moon be taken
away (Ps. 71:7), but this does not mean that when there shall no
longer be a moon at the end of the world, God’s righteousness shall no
longer be; precisely then, rather, will it triumph. And what does it mean
when it says: For He must reign, until He hath put all enemies under
His feet? (I Cor. 15:25). Is the Lord then to reign only for the time until
His enemies shall be under His feet?! And David, in the fourth Psalm ofthe Ascents says: As the eyes of the handmaid look unto the bands of
her mistress, so do our eyes look unto the Lord our God, until He take
pity on us (Ps. 122:2). Thus, the Prophet will have his eyes toward the
Lord until he obtains mercy, but having obtained it he will direct them
to the earth? (Blessed Jerome, “On the Ever-Virginity of Blessed Mary.”)
The Saviour in the Gospel says to the Apostles (Matt. 28:20): Lo, I am
with you always, even unto the end of the world. Thus, after the end of
the world the Lord will step away from His disciples, and then, when
they shall judge the twelve tribes of Israel upon twelve thrones, they
will not have the promised communion with the Lord? (Blessed Jerome,
op. cit.)

What the above passage is saying is that Mary remained a Virgin always until the day She died. We cannot use the word, ‘until’ to show She was no longer a Virgin because that is not how it is used. The other examples used above show that the word ‘until’ is being used as a reference for eternity. There is no end to eternity- there is no end to Mary’s virginity.


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