Orthodox Lent…it’s almost here.

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Image from the website of: Orthodox Church of Three Saints.

I am feeling overwhelmed with Lent already. Are you?

What to read, what will be my prayer rule, what to focus on since I cannot do the food fast, etc., etc.?

I feel as if I have a myriad of faults to work on. So much work, so little time. I have picked one fault in particular to work on… my mouth and what comes out of it. Pray more, talk less is the plan.

Life is stressful right now. I’m trying not to worry so much but it is hard. Too many people around me are focusing on the Wu han virus.

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I sometimes just want to tell them (sharpish like) to stop talking to me about it and instead talk to God. These people are seriously stressing me out. I’m not so much worried about getting sick and dying from the virus (I could use the rest, ha, ha.)

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I am more concerned with the collapse of society as we know it. Most people who prep are thinking about storing food & paper products in case there is a quarantine and I’m getting sweaty and panicky about access to art supplies and tea.

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Stock pile those watercolor paints and brushes NOW people! You can always find dandelions to eat but but vine charcoal doesn’t grow on vines! (It’s a joke… they are made from grape vines.) I’m kind of nerdy.


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How are you preparing for Lent? I am looking forward to the spiritual renewal that is part of the season.

One of the many things I will be praying about is trusting, God more and myself less. I also desire to live life present and in the moment and not worried so much (or at all) about the future.

and THIS…

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  1. Sometimes I think about life like a flagstone path. I try to stand on the stone beneath me, without looking back at the one I just left or trying to grab onto the one I haven’t gotten to yet.

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    1. MelissaBishop says:

      Good advice! Thanks.


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