6 week workout challenge update

Photo by, Mateo Vrbnjak from the photo site, Unsplash

I have been visiting that site I mentioned in my earlier post LINK HERE. I have done 5 days so far of the 30 day kettlebell challenge. I did not do a workout yesterday (workouts are separate from the daily kettlebell challenge). Oh the soreness!

I will be doing a workout today along with the kettlebell challenge.

Today’s kettle bell challenge is to do ‘racked kettlebell squats; 8 reps on each side. Here is a diagram.

Image result for racked kettlebell squat
Image is copyrighted by, Greg Brookes. I have not asked his permission to post it and will take it down upon his request if asked to do so.

If you would like to participate in the 30 day challenge you can start today. It is YOUR 30 day challenge. You may begin at anytime. Here is the LINK to, Greg’s website where you can also find more in depth workouts and information.