Beginning a 6-week workout challenge

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I am sharing some resources with you should you wish to begin your own journey toward improved wellness. I am a certified personal trainer but I am not YOUR personal trainer. What is the difference? Were I your PT, I would be taking your blood pressure, getting to know your physical, and personal strengths and weaknesses, advising you to talk to your doctor before beginning a workout, etc. The information provided in this post is for educational purposes only.

I never know how much I should write. when I look for recipes I never wish to read a big backstory about the recipe. Just give me the info. I sometimes read the stories behind the fitness posts I lookup. I used to be a big fitness fan. Back in the 80’s-90’s when fitness was coming into it’s big flashy stage, I was at the local Bally’s Total Fitness (now the local office for the Boy Scouts of America) 3x a week to workout. I collected fitness magazines like some people collected stamps. I was a big fan of; Corey Everson (I have her book), Rachel McLish, Kelly Ryan (so tragic), and Kiana Tom. As much as I thought I was working out and eating right, things didn’t reach the ‘next-level’ until I hired a personal trainer (I was not a trainer at that point). Meaning I never ended up looking like any of these women.

I was working in 2nd mortgage banking, and hating it, I had over-time money burning a hole in my pocket,I(I should have put it in the bank and let it draw interest). Something good did come of that besides reaching a new level of fitness, I met my husband through this personal trainer. I’m still married, and the trainer and I are still best friends.

Something terrible happened during that time. My husband and I met in July of 2003. I was fired from my job that November. Within a week I became very ill. I spent months trying to get better. The doctors had no idea what was going on but kept giving me antibiotics. I almost died. I had to sit in a chair to take a shower. It took days to recover form taking that shower. Outwardly it seemed to be a severe case of tonsillitis. I did not know it at the time but I was being attacked by my own body. My immune system went into overdrive and almost killed me trying to rid itself of a build up of toxins. I cannot remember what it is called but it’s happening more and more to more people. I survived and went on to marry my husband but I’ve never been quite the same ever since. Since that day I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. It’s time to work, really work at removing that extra weight.

All that money spent on training was not lost however. I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge both from my trainer/friend and from training to become a trainer myself.

Knowledge does not make the weight come off, however. Darn hard work does. Make no mistake about it… working out IS hard work especially if you suffer from pain and fatigue. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon before the storm blew in. By the time I returned to the house, I could not feel my face but I was totally invigorated. I took my prayer rope with me and had said 100 Jesus prayers before returning to the house. One of my goals is to increase my walking speed, and times around the block, to get in more prayer. From my keyboard to God, right?

I want to do more than walk. Walking is great. If you need to begin somewhere, begin with walking. If you have a prayer rope or rosary take it with you and pray. Two birds, eh?

I was looking online for workouts to add to my walking regime and I came across this wonderful site: Kettlebell workouts. Greg’s workouts are easy to do, free (how wonderfully generous!) and easily accessed.

Presently (I JUST started yesterday) I am doing do workouts. The first is his 30 day kettlebell squat challenge. the second is a daily kettlebell routine also from his site. The routines are short. If done in a circuit; repeated several times in a row with a short rest (30 sec) between each entire workout, so complete one full workout, rest 30 seconds then do another and another, you can get in a pretty decent workout as a beginner. Enough to begin a physical transformation. As you become stronger/fitter you can increase either the amount of weight you use; go from 15lbs to, 20 then, 25 etc., OR you can increase the number of workouts you do per set. If you normally perform 3, 5 minute workouts for a total workout time of just over 15 minutes; factoring in rests, then add another, and another workout as needed to bring yourself to fatigue. You could end up working out for 30 minutes or more as you progress in your journey but don’t let that become an issue for you now. Right now you just need to do what you can to get yourself moving. Even if you are severely, morbidly obese you can workout. You may not be able to do a kettlebell workout but you can do something even while sitting.

I hope this helps you. A tiny spark of an idea can create a bonfire of change.

Here is an article from an Orthodox Christian website about issues with food.


  1. Melissa, Talk about Divine Providence, this is amazing! Just last Friday I bumped into a nice lady at the market where I occasionally have this happen with the same persons or someone new, but generally it leads to a little discussion mostly about food and diet, but once in a great while exercise and general health might come up. For a long while I had put off taking the first step to actually formulate a plan that would be tailored to my needs and interests so I just stuck to my basic Calisthenics and walks or long hikes. Then last Friday this nice lady probably much like you in person, mentioned how she is an actual Palates Fitness Coach now, and that was the spark; to get my passion or motivation fired up for that long overdue plan being put into motion; that I’ve put off. Now you come along with all of this pointing out how it’s time for sure to take action! You today with this great article have connected some major dots because one of the most interesting things in all of this is I had the same thing happen to me with the “antibiotics and autoimmune system” going berserk and attacking my own body causing serious damage internally and externally leaving me feeling like someone with some form of a Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome combined, not to mention over all deteriorating out of control autoimmune response to the environmental allergens and pathogens. I was literally a train wreck for close to five years, at times operating with no sleep and sheer faith with determination kept me going. What made it at least 10 times worse was I had to fight the corrupted system and backstabbers that inflicted the problem upon me to begin with via, hint, political crony partisan, corrupted Dems who at the time considered me nearly their public enemy number one, in my immediate locale. Talk about stress, I’m blessed that I’m not dead from a stroke already!
    We know how the gut health is critical to good overall well-being and that killing off massive numbers of the flora bacteria is detrimental and a highly caustic process once it gets out of control, in essence a slippery slope to all manner of illness and dysfunction. I was in the middle of a major pulmonary injury due to an industrial strength chemical/toxins inhalation injury that nearly killed me. The system being rigged didn’t help matters either because I not only found myself in a life altering ordeal, but I had to fire an attorney and run my own legal case, which got the boost it needed when God brought me one of the best preeminent doctor scientists in the field who really cared about me, who told me one day at the hospital to make sure anyone I get involved with moving forward has my best interests in mind at all times. She put together a medical summary that was phenomenal making my court battle with a huge major law firm representing the government employer; more feasible as long as I didn’t tick off the judge or trip up too badly, and this judge by the way in the end respected me and I him enough to shake hands at the conclusion of my case! But, in testimony to my great doctor’s report a more local doctor I saw occasionally took a look at the report, he also having a pulmonary specialist background said her summary was undeniable and her findings totally unequivocal and nobody would be able to attack it or find any fault in her amazing seven page scientific proof report! My point overall is I learned so much for a scientific minded guy all of my life, that opened my eyes to many important health matters that I would otherwise have ignored or would have been oblivious to mostly out of always having been extremely healthy with good genes and lots of energy, making me too nonchalant about keeping myself in order inside and outside. Now I’m much more cognizant and faithful to my diet being as good as possible and the only two areas I’m still weak on are getting enough sleep and the big one, getting a great consistent exercise program into place.
    But getting back to what happened to you; this is almost the same thing, I was on an antibiotic merry-go-round and they were killing me, it was truly totally debilitating what happened when I kept pumping antibiotics into my body to curtail any respiratory infection, which could have led to pulmonary failure, but western medicine can be like that; they pound in a nail with a sledge hammer at times. This treatment plan was in place before the top doc came to me. With her and my own due diligence getting my head wrapped around the issues, I reversed most of my problem by allowing my body to find is synergy and healed myself providing the best raw materials or natural foods and a homeopathic medical approach; but had to start with the basics of diet overhaul and a slow buildup of exercise coupled with fresh air again, from being bed ridden and not sleeping at all some days and nights.
    This Kettle Bell work out is cool and I’ve been doing that at home with some free weight or small dumbbells one for each hand along with my calisthenics. You mention a spark here at the end of your article and you sure did spark me; since having spoken to that lady Friday I’ve been mulling over the idea of getting in touch with the workout studio where she suggested I stop by for a free introductory workout and assessment. But, when it comes to this sort of thing I’m a very low key stick to myself and do my own thing sort of guy trying to keep a program going at home. I’m still on the middle of the fence about doing the fitness program at the studio or just being more motivated to keep at it at least, here at home.
    These resources and the inspiration you provided are great, but the fact that this came at this very point in my life with all of the other connecting dots happening tells me this is a Godsend. You just helped to prove without a doubt again how God is working in mysterious ways and is ever-present in our daily lives if we will ask and listen.
    Thank you very much for being so aligned with our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ!
    I also apologize for this dissertation, but I was so inspired with the facts of your situation and this timely information you provided as a “Spark,” that I can only hope my elaborating will be helpful to you and anyone else out there that is going through any health ordeal to keep the faith and Jesus front and center. There is hope and there are answers to our difficulties. With Jesus anything is possible!
    God Bless You and Yours.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

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