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  1. Dear Melissa,
    Very well done, as I admit I have a difficulty with anger especially these days with all of the madness going on all around us which stems I know directly from the darkest evil in existence; and most unholy alliances are forming on many levels of our societal fabric that forms our modern civilization. I know my anger is not only more acute because of this undercurrent of continuous assault upon all that is good about we children of God’s, but also much is stirring in my heart because of what I was subjected to over the last dozen years by vicious evil attacks upon my life on all levels even physically, causing pain, suffering and damage by corrupted people working within our own government; which I’m still battling with directly having had to file my own legal actions all the way to the US District Court without any attorney, to seek justice and help to correct the derailed American Justice System which has become a two tier arrangement and one where corrupt partisan agendas have now suppressed the individuals Constitutional Rights and Liberties; but I still count myself among the blessed to be able to carry on and seek out God’s will for me so that I can try to fulfill it as best I can before my time comes to pass from this world. But also, being a mere broken human being my frailty at times is catching up with me and my patience which I always had an abundance of is worn thin and my temper rises to confront opposition head-on of course only verbally, wherever and by whomever it comes from. I know that is not the best approach and I need to restore patience by means of my own intellect and wisdom and much more prayer to God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who will send the Comforter His Holy Spirit to help me in such dire times of need so that I won’t trip myself up and be overwhelmed with “anger!”
    I also want to insert here, that we can plainly see that some of these political unholy alliances I refer to; that even the Pope is engaged in currently with these corrupted agendas including the United Nation’s with its enabling and promotion of them; are pushing to abandon Israel and the Jewish people or in plain simple terms commit genocide upon God’s chosen, which would be a statement to the entire human race and God Himself that Jesus Christ is to be abandoned.
    I must say your blog is beautifully done on many levels and I immediately loved it and what you are doing! I appreciate you and this opportunity and I pray that God Bless You and Yours, Amen.

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    1. MelissaBishop says:

      I am reading what appears to be a well written and useful book on the topic of anger; Dragon’s Wine and Angel’s Bread, Gabriel Bunge. Perhaps you might find it helpful? Lord have mercy.

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      1. Well thank you Melissa! I’m sure it should be very helpful if you recommend it! And to this subject of anger, in my case I think the most detrimental factor of having anger or “frustration” with the man-made world in general is a byproduct all modern humans battle which is stress. And in recent years my life was turned upside down by battles tossed upon me by nefarious persons or agents of corruption in local government and even those individuals who were so partisan, jealous or envious that I literally and figuratively was in a fight for my life both physically and emotionally. Peace and harmony are difficult to achieve now in the aftermath of all that when so much imbalance and outright conflict are an everyday component to living here on earth. I know when younger even just ten years ago I was more happy-go-lucky as an uncle once said about me, and I was upbeat or looking to encourage others much more than I do now, not that I’ve stopped but the inspiration and desire to be that positive is waning in an ever-increasing confused world of pain, suffering and deception it seems to me! That spark in me is still alive and will be I feel confident until I drop but it is rather sad to realize that so much positive, hope and joy about being here is and has been to a large extent suppressed by evil. I know that Holy Scriptures tell us that in latter days death will seem a better destination than trying to carry on with the living. This tells me we all need Jesus Christ more than ever and perhaps time is running out faster than people want to think or believe.
        But, thank you for your insight and divinely inspired consideration! That really means a lot and I’m forever grateful.


      2. Dear Melissa,
        I know my latest long comment in reply to yours is repetitious but as I was only looking at your comment via my Blog homepage and it was what was actually on my mind after reading your comment; I just sent it as my truly genuine response. I believe you understand very well but even though that is the case, I wanted to indicate this to again pronounce clearly my appreciation!
        God Bless You. May you be in His ever-loving mercy. Amen.

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      3. MelissaBishop says:

        Thank you., Lawrence and no worries about lengthy or repetitious comments. We’ve all been there.

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      4. Melissa! Bless your heart; so kind of you! I was the one growing up always watching after younger ones around me whether family or neighbors but as I got older in recent years especially, I learned the hard way being single that I was maybe more of the exception because when I was in the street getting kicked to the curb in a manner of speaking, I didn’t see anyone offer much of anything. One old neighborhood guy from back when we were kids ran into me in recent years and when hearing about all the turmoil said “I guess that’s your lot in life Lawrence.” Hey, you know the old adage watch-out what you ask for?” Well in this case I have to say watch out what you offer, LOL. If you knew how much I can talk or write you might be reluctant to say no worries. But, I just kid; I think you know full well what you say and how to deal with it well. I’m a bit of a goof at times is all! Scripture does say humor or merriment is good for the heart Yes!
        Funny though just last night I was dreaming and one of my Mother’s favorite songs she would listen to or sing when I was a kid was “You’ll Never Walk Alone,’ and she was a trained soprano; which she would sing around the house and a few times in small competitions or family weddings. In the dream there were professional singers or at least I seem to remember that some accomplished singers were singing that song then suddenly I took over and they all watched me closely as I went up octaves and didn’t break at all and even I was surprised in the dream how smoothly I went up the scale and my voice became more powerful toward the end of the song! Here I am talking to you about that for the first today and may not have brought it up at all with anyone, but I can say this now, God does work in mysterious ways, this I know from many experiences in my own life and now even this fits into His plan! Amen.
        PS thanks for bringing all this to the surface because I’m going to listen to that song even though I know it will stir me deeply, but I want to and I do have a copy of it! I haven’t heard that one in a long time but between the dream and this commentary I’m going to now!

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