2020 Goals

Not resolutions… goals.

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My first goal is a carry over from last year. last year’s attempt was a bit of a failure. I have a rather large backyard. No pets, no kids so what to do with it? ‘People make money off their land don’ they?’ asked the woman who prefers her nature on a big screen 4G t.v..

The other day at the grocery store, I was using one of those mini, 2-tiered carts. They do not hold as many groceries as the large carts so imagine my surprise when the total was $250.00! $250.00! That was the total before my discount. After they used the defibrillator to revive me I went home and decided I would try again this year to grow plants to sell.

I attempted this last year. Last year I was going to grow some food, cut our expenses, it didn’t happen. My first attempt at gardening was a failure. I was not alone. People across America were reporting gardening failures. Well with what happened in the mid-west, the snow storms that froze many cattle to death, the flooding after the snow began to melt + the heavy rains which prevented farmers from planting their crops, expect the price of food to continue to rise. Folks, even if you have never before grown a vegetable garden, I highly recommend you figure something out to grow as much as your own food as possible. The price of peppers was almost $2.00 BEFORE country wide crop failures. I predict 2020 is going to be a year of food shortages and price gouging.

Goal #1: grow food & plants to sell.

I had a bit of a health scare a couple weeks ago. My fasting blood glucose levels were in the 120’s which is NOT good. I have been working hard toward bringing them down. Yesterday morning they reached 131 and I was having a meltdown trying to figure out what was going on. I had not had any carbs or sugar for days. Well, being stressed out and sedentary can have a negative affect on your glucose levels. Duh. I know what I need to do. I’m a certified personal trainer and herbalist for goodness sake. In the midst of being very upset at myself for allowing this to happen when I know better, I am working out everyday starting yesterday and going into 2020.

Goal #2:workout everyday to drop 100lbs and keep blood glucose below 100… EVERYDAY!

If you would like me to post more about this and on a regular basis; what I did to workout, updates, etc. Let me know. If you are struggling with your weight, type 2 diabetes, or other health issues, don’t wait to get started on your personal health journey.

Goal #3: draw or do something arty everyday.

This goal fits into yesterday’s post about nature journaling. Consistency brings our change/improvement. This is why we must do they things we need to do everyday as much as possible if we expect to see improvement.

Goal #4: read 20 books in 2020.

What are YOUR goals for 2020.