Nature Journaling 2020


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Want to become a better artist? Consistency is the key to improvement. It’s not he books you read or the videos you watch or the classes you take. Becoming a better artist takes consistency. Daily sitting at your drawing station and DRAWING. Profound, right?

When I took my two, very dear to me, drawing classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens, our main assignment was to draw everyday. No matter what we were learning in class… drawing everyday was emphasized.

In keeping with that discipline, and drawing IS a discipline- one that was part of a classical education at one time, I am proposing an art challenge. To you, to me. The perpetual nature journal. This is not my idea. I am borrowing it from the Instagram account of @laragastinger. To participate: 1. Procure a journal in which you have 52 pages. One page per week so you’re not trying to sit down and do a daily illustration. She has hers custom made. I’m either going to make my own or see what I can find at the art store. She uses 140lb and uses a bit of watercolor paint in her journal. I am not that great at watercolor right now. I’m playing with the idea of just doing colored pencils and graphite or adding watercolor as well. If I just do pencils I do not need thick paper. I have 80ld drawing paper I could convert into a sketch book. 2. Write in your journal the date, weather, and time. Also if you like what is going on where you are drawing. Are the squirrels out and about? Are there birds? have the weather patterns changed/improved/worsened? 3. Figure out the tools you will use for making entries in your journal. 4. Begin. January 1. One entry per week. We are focusing on the DOING. It does not need to be perfect or pretty. Practice. Practice. Practice. The goal is to become consistent. To develop the discipline of doing, to be mindful and observant. If you have an Instagram account and wish to post your journal entries, you may do so and include the hashtag #lgperpetualjournal. You can find my Instagram page @melissabishopco.

Who is going to join us?