Prayers for a lapsed spouse

St. Nonna

This is a prayer for your husband who does not come to church but is a Christian or catecumen. May God have mercy on him, illumine him and bring him to church.

O, Lord, Our God, Thou, Who in Paradise had blessed our forefather Adam and his wife Eve!

I pray Thee, bless my spouse and me, [and our children, names, if any] with perfect love and constant agreement in our Faith and piety, and make us live, according to Thy Will!

Listen to me, O, Lord, and clear me, Thy unworthy servant: clear my flesh and spirit from any filth; embellish me with imperishable beauty of meekness and silence, obedience and spiritual understanding! Hear, I pray Thee, these words of mine and grant blessing to me and my family! Help me, due to the interceding prayers of Our Lady and Mother of God, as well as the prayers of Her Mother Saint Anna, the prayers of Saint Elizabeth (the Spouse of Saint Zachariah), of Saint Monica of Hippo and Saint Nonna of Nazianzus, Saint Xenia of Saint – Petersburg and other blessed wives, to obey my husband for the greater good: for, by seeing pure and God-fearing life of mine, he will believe in Christ, Son of God, and will become the true child of the Orthodox Church.

Look upon Thy servant, my husband [name], and let him bow his head in front of Thee in humility, [if he is still not baptized: and let him be honored in a proper time with the Holy Christening and the beginning of the new life in Jesus Christ, with forsaking sins and obtaining the new clothes of non-decay]. Illuminate, I pray Thee, his mind by the light of Your Sacred Gospels, unite him with Thy chosen flock and join with The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Grant him, O, Lord, Thy Bless-giving Gifts: the Sacraments of Repentance and Communion of the Holy Body and Blood of Thy Christ; write down his name in Thy Book of Life.

Bless, I pray Thee, with peace his coming and going, work and rest; let the Guardian-Angel always be with him for protection from demons, from sly dreams, [if obsessed with: from heavy drinking] and devious thoughts.

Give him, O, Lord, good health and strength for many and good years, let him accept with joy and gratitude the proper fruits of his work; cure any illness of him and release him of grumbling and all other passions.

And let us, through living according to Thy Laws, create the home church and glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit for ages and ages. Amen.

May this prayer, and these saints, bring those you love to church in the name of; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Now and ever… Amen.