Summer garden report


Colorado is beautiful when it rains.

The cactus bloom.


Fields that were brown turn green and the wildflowers explode in a riot of colors.It’s all rather amazing, beautiful, and inspiring.

A couple months ago, I bought 4 cherry tomato plants from a local plant nursery. I was ecstatic when I saw tiny blossoms form on some of the branches. I was equally saddened when the blossoms fell off unpollinated. What happened? I moved the plants farther out into the yard and not under the shade of the patio. Two of them have teeny tiny little cherry tomatoes popping out!

The below photo is not mine. It shows how the tomatoes are supposed to look when fully developed.

Image result for yellow pear cherry tomato

I can only hope! My plan is to harvest seeds from some these plants to grow multiples of my own for next year. I’d eventually like to start selling plants. If I cannot get seeds from these plants, I will by them off the Internet. Although I am primarily a meat eater, I do realize that there are people out there who can eat plants, their fruits, and their seeds. With so many plant nurseries closing in favor of growing and selling marijuana, I think plant nurseries are still needed and a viable source of income… I hope. I am also crossing my fingers that one, or more, of my neighbors doesn’t freakout and report me for selling plants. I’ve already had one report me to code enforcement for too-tall weeds in my yard. Lovely. I’m praying. I envision Solo cups full of tiny tomato plants, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, radishes, etc.- all being sold, grown, eaten, or displayed on someone’s porch for fall decorations (the pumpkins). I also plan to grow and sell cut flowers.  I’m sitting on 1/4 acre. I should have the right to do something with it to make money. I can’t understand spending my time and treasure growing grass just to ‘look good’ for my neighbor’s property value. I’m scouring sales on potting soil and stocking up. Remember the hot water trick I told you about HERE? It seems to be working. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and no toadstools in the new container garden. I have sown the seed according to the directions but I am reluctant to thin the plants. I hate destroying them.

The scraggly, $9.99 tomato plant I bought from the grocery store has produced 5 edible fruits so far and there are 3-4 more waiting to be picked.

I just remembered, mom & dad have wood pallets for me at their house! I need to go get them sometime and set them up for other container gardens. A gardener’s work is never done but working hard to set things up for future production is going to yield great results for next year… I hope. I hope. I hope. God willing and Lord have mercy.

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