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Our church has a small, but awesome book store. Seriously it is top notch!.

The other day I wrote about bible studies LINK HERE. BSF or Bible Study Fellowship’s study this year so going to be on Acts and Epistles. When I found out what their topic was going to be, I started looking for Orthodox alternatives. Why? Even though I do not like BSF, by mom attends it (she just informed me she will not be attending the Acts study this year) and the idea of a bunch of women coming together to study the word of God with each other touches something deep inside me. But not deep enough to attend BSF.

There were some over priced books on the Internet about various gospels, individual studies of each book, etc. They were far outside my price rang. Oft-times such books are published once and then either forgotten about as something newer comes along or the author dies or… whatever The point is that without newer printings the old copies become harder to get and this makes the price go up.

I went to church last night for a special vesper service. Before I left, I went to the book store to see what was available. I am So glad I did! You guys, you gotta get this book!

The Four Gospels
Book can be found at various online shops.

I started reading it today while I was babysitting The Giant Puppy! My eyes have never been cleaner cuz she loves to lick them… gross. Yes, I do think that is gross. This dog thanks you for feeding her, giving her water, giving her ice and for making it out of the bathroom alive, I kid you not. She is very good at being encouraging. But I digress…

I’m still on the introduction for this book but I can tell it is geared toward giving the reader a complete picture of the gospels. It goes deep without losing the reader. Archbishop Averky wrote it some time before his death in 1976. It’s just been published in 2015.

In the introduction, Averky writes about the origins of the gospels, when they were written, how they’ve been used by pagans in unsuccessful attempts to attack Christianity, the language used, the canonization of the gospels, etc. I found it to give a thorough enough explanation of things without being overly burdensome & bogging down the reader with excessive and unnecessary details. Sometimes when I read something this scholarly it’s as if the writer has a hard time self editing and letting go of some of their research. I get it but it is more important that people are able to read your work than it is for you to get brownie points for your diligent research. Averky is humble enough to leave some things out but wise enough to know that some things are too important to ignore.

He addresses supposed inconsistencies and contradictions between the accounts given by the various gospel writers. He also explains; Why are there only four gospels? Why was each man given a particular symbol; man/angel, lion, ox, eagle? And so on.

He writes about Luther’s issue with the book of James talking about faith without works.


This is the first of three volumes. You can either order all three as a set or one at a time. I’m going the one at a time route.

If you have been wanting to do an in-depth self-study of the new testament, I recommend starting with this book and then deciding what to do next. I am still reading the book of Matthew and most likely on Sept. 1st I will begin my daily bible reading but on top of all of that I am reading this study. Now, I may have to let something go if I cannot fit all of this reading into my schedule. I anticipate it would be the daily bible reading. I very much wish to keep up with the other bible study going on (BSF)  which is also beginning in September. Again I am not going to formally attend it but as I said, I will be doing THIS study of the gospels instead. Typical for my life right now… I will not have anyone with whom I may discuss what I read. Well, I can talk to my husband about it and I am glad to have him as a sounding board. I will not have anyone who is ORTHODOX to talk to about what I discover so I’m going to share it here on my blog. If you decide to buy the; The Four Gospels- book and wish to follow along, let me know.

All are welcome.

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