Month: August 2019

Studying the book of Revelation

Although there were plenty of studies going on about the book of Revelation when I was a Protestant, I never did attend any of them and I’ve never read the book in its entirety. There are things in this video that are… Read More

“V” illuminated letter

I created this using Pen+Gear Walmart brand permanent markers instead of gouache or watercolor paint. The gold in the letter is Winsor & Newton gold metallic ink. After it dries you place a piece of acetate over the letter and then smooth… Read More

Let’s talk about Vitamin C, etc.

Hundreds or years ago, and even now in some areas of the world, tea shops and apothecaries shared the same space. Why? Tea was considered medicinal. AND all they all were called tea. Herbal teas were tea and not just the camellia… Read More

Inktober is coming…

And isn’t it just SO tempting to go out and buy a bunch of new art supplies in order to participate? Some art supply companies are even trying to cash in on FOMO (fear of missing out) by offering mystery art supply… Read More

The essential oils that I use

I only use NOW essential oils. I have been given oils of other brands and they just sit on my shelf. There are a couple of MLM oil brands on the market. Having worked in other non-e. oil MLMs, I know that… Read More

Is it ok for Christians to study healing with herbs?

Absolutely!! That’s the short answer. For the long answer, keep reading. Here is a LINK about Holy Un-mercenary Female Healers. I do not trust most doctors. I have gone through too much, I have seen family members go through too much to… Read More

Carnivore update

Straight up I have cheated like crazy during this supposed time of ‘strict carnivore’ eating plan for 30 days I was going to embark upon. It is easy for me to fall off the wagon when I’m at other people’s houses. I… Read More

Nature sketch: Hyena

My hyena looks like a lion… After some tweaking.   Ok NOW I’ll stop messing… maybe.

Summer garden report

Colorado is beautiful when it rains. The cactus bloom. Fields that were brown turn green and the wildflowers explode in a riot of colors.It’s all rather amazing, beautiful, and inspiring. A couple months ago, I bought 4 cherry tomato plants from a… Read More

Still reading Matthew

Our church has a small, but awesome book store. Seriously it is top notch!. The other day I wrote about bible studies LINK HERE. BSF or Bible Study Fellowship’s study this year so going to be on Acts and Epistles. When I… Read More