Bacon & beef make me healthy & happy!

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Not quite three days until, August 1st. Who is with me for going carnivore the entire month of August?

On Thursday morning, I will step onto the scale and weigh myself. I will also take my Myo tape & calipers and measure fat and inches so that at the end of August I can see what changed besides the scale.

Here is a LINK to the tape and calipers.

There are people who eat more than just meat on their version of carnivore. Some eat eggs, some eat cheese and other full fat dairy. I tend to go for beef & bacon. Here is a carnivore food pyramid.

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I do sometimes get myself a treat & eat salt & vinegar chicken wings from the grocery store. I don’t know if I will o that this time. I want to stick with it as much as possible for the most optimal results.

If you have been struggling with mental and physical health issues, do your research and see if joining us on the 1st of August is the right thing for you to do.

Check out as part of your research.


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  1. I eat a lot of meat and would call my meals ‘meat based’. I feel myself healing now from it. Since I had/have oxalate toxicity I know I am still getting rid of a lot of stored oxalates and when I go totally zero carb for more than a day or two, I start detoxing oxalates really fast and get too sick. Eventually I do want to try a ‘month’ of carnivore eating just to see what happens! Perhaps in January when I am snowed in with a freezer full of meat and my low oxalate garden veggies are all gone! Anyway, thanks for posting on this as I am eager to follow along on your progress.

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