August month of carnivory

Carnivore Diet for Beginners — How to Start the Zero-Carbohydrate Carnivore Diet

I need a “reset”. How about you? July 31st marks the end of, “birthday season” in my family. As much as I try to stick with the way I eat, it’s not exactly popular especially around people who like to party with carbs. I figure a reset is in order. Purge the build up and hit the “redo” button on my dietary life.

Who is with me? If you have never eaten the carnivore way this just might be a great way to, test-the-waters. Thirty-one days is nothing really. Have as much bacon and eggs or bacon and beef for breakfast as you like. Eat until you are full. If you are hungry later, eat more beef. Some people eat a small variety of animals; beef, chicken, fish, game, etc. I find that my husband and I do best just eating bacon and beef. We also drink coffee and water.

If you have been trying to eat a certain way for health, ethics, weight loss, whatever and it is just not working, why not give the carnivore way of eating a try?

Life in meatlandia is good!

Join us and fill us in on your progress.


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