When weird things happen

A couple of weeks ago, one of my UN-neighborly neighbors reported my husband and I to Code Enforcement for the length of the weeds, and grass, in our yard. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Hilarious because driving around the city in which I live reveals weed infested, CITY OWNED, landscaping everywhere. Speed limit signs are covered by branches. It has been a very wet spring/summer and I think most people are having a hard time keeping up.

I must confess, it absolutely broke my heart that someone reported us. It’s just SUCH a petty thing to do.  No one politely knocked on our door to make sure we were alright, or to offer assistance. They tattled on us like a petulant 5th grader.I can just see and hear them now complaining to their friends, “If I can’t get away with it they should not be able to get away with it!”.  I hate tattle-tales and bullies. I think they are cut from the same cloth of cowardice. This little bit of nastiness happened around the same time I received a summons for jury duty.

While at jury duty, I almost choked to death on a diet soda. After everything going on in the DR including people dying from drinking tainted soda, I was more than a bit rattled by the experience. I bought the soda, took a drink and the fluid immediately fizzed inside of me just as it would had it been opened after being violently shaken.

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I was sitting in a chair gasping for air but every time I tried to breath, bubbles filled my throat. No one around me asked if I was ok. NO ONE. Not one person. It is possible that no one knew what was going on. You need air to make noise. I had no air and no noise.

On Monday, I was working planting the pink kiddie pool I wrote about in my previous post. I looked up and there were two men standing in my neighbor’s backyard watching me work!

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I couldn’t believe it. “Hello.” I said to them and then they turned away (slowly). I don’t know what to say about that other than it was very odd and extremely creepy. That’s the LAST time I garden wearing headphones! Also, I’m looking into getting a cattle panel or two to figure out some way to block their view. I don’t know if it will work. Their yard is higher than ours. It will take some time to grow something up the panel, and in the winter the plant will become dormant making it easier to see into our yard. I’ve never had any sort of issue with these neighbors, They are a wonderful older couple. However, our neighborhood is turning over. Who knows what will move in behind me.

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Me some day. I hope.

Well, that is my weird week so far. TGIF tomorrow.


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