Kiddie pool garden


This is my BIG, pink, kiddie pool garden. I don’t think most garden centers still have potting soil available this time of year. It could use about five more bags but I can make do with this amount (12-15 bags?). I lost count somewhere.

I have wanted to start a garden for years now. After watching videos from; Roots and Refuge Farm, I felt that I could follow, Jessica’s advice and get started without too much hassle. Well… let me just get to the story.

First, I planted seeds in a bag of potting soil like she recommended. What she did NOT recommend but had talked about in some of her videos as HER first time gardener mistakes were; planting too many seeds, over watering. I did both. Two months later my radish seeds produced cute leafy plants but no edible radish bulbs (it only days 20+ days to get a radish from a seed).

The tomato plants I bought from the local nursery produced blossoms but no fruit. I think they were over looked by pollinators. I bought a tomato plant from the grocery store that was already producing fruit. It has a couple of blossoms blooming. As soon as they open up enough I’m going to pollinate them myself with a paint brush. The plant was overgrown and had some rotted fruit that needed to be removed. I heavily pruned it and now one of the good looking tomatoes is ‘blushing’. I hope it is tasty. My husband loves tomatoes and it would be great to be able to feed to him a fresh one from one of my plants.

I had planted some seeds in a smaller kiddie pool. Same mistakes as the bag of potting soil… Too many seeds not enough room. A big of over watering. It has been a surprisingly wet summer.

In the above photo, the kiddie pool has not yet been planted. I set it on two wood pallets, filled it with the dirt, spread it about evenly, poured two stew pots of boiling water into the soil, mixed it and now I’m waiting until tomorrow to plant some seeds. I will plant; peas, cucumbers, the pepper plant that I have, and two varieties of radishes. I will leave the larger tomato plant in its pot as well as the smaller tomato plants. I should have replanted them shortly after bringing them home but I didn’t and now I don’t want to use up the remaining space. I will just learn from this and get going sooner next year. I live in zone 5b and supposed I can still plant a few things now and get results before the frost comes. I would love to eat some roasted radishes from my garden!

I had high hopes for my garden and I’m a bit bummed that I have not had better results. Jessica says that the first year you garden you sow dreams and harvest wisdom. I can see that! I do have some cucumber plants in the smaller kiddie pool that are coming up as well as cilantro.

Just keep planting, just keep planting, just keep planting…

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