Carnivore diet update


After an extended period of cheating, I am back to eating mostly meat. If I’m not eating meat, I am eating dairy or eggs. Last night for dinner I ate Fage 5% yogurt with two raw egg yolks and a bit of honey and cinnamon.

I had cooked steaks for us for lunch. Today’s breakfast was bacon, coffee, and water. The weight is coming off again which is nice to see but I am especially excited about the healing that is picking up again. My back is feeling better. It’s been out since a couple of weeks before Father’s Day.

I’ve decided to workout to some 80’s videos. I know, right? I don’t want to lift weights right now. I do want to move and stretch.

I ordered and received the book; Nourishing Traditions over the weekend. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, paleo, carnivore or what, this book has excellent information about our food, that everyone in America needs to read.

I realize this could just be a pie-in-the-sky talk right now… but I’m curious about hunting. Could I do it? Not just the, ‘Could I field dress an animal that I just harvested?’ but could I handle the physical exertion of hunting? Maybe. If I kept losing weight and increased my physical strength.

I have/had uncles that hunt/ed. I miss the taste of venison sausage.

That is all for now.

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