I keep trying; nothing works but meat

Black Gram (urad, maas, maanh dal)
Photo found at, India Mart.

I made a mistake last week. I had watched a video about soaking beans in an acidic water solution to break down some of the toxins before cooking and eating the beans. I knew about soaking beans in water (You then must drain and rinse the beans before cooking them. DO NOT cook beans in the left over soaking water.) but I had never before heard about soaking them with water/acid. The acid part is either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. There is more to this soaking than I wish to get into here. The bottom line is… it did not work for me. I started the soak Sunday night in anticipation of using the beans on Wednesday for the fast. Orthodox Christians, of which I am, fast quite a bit during the year including every Wednesday and Friday. I had a special vegan recipe in which I was going to use the beans. It was going to be great! Except for it wasn’t great at all.

The beans soaked. The skins split and many of the beans split too. They were a bit softer than unsoaked beans. ‘Could this work?’ I thought. It did not work. Not at all.

I ate my bean, sweet potato, avocado, onion and sprout burrito on a sprouted grain tortilla and waited. I did not have long to wait. About a half an hour later it began. I could feel my stomach begin to bloat. As my stomach expanded, the pain increased. I felt every curve in my intestines as the food worked its way out. Before the pain began, I noticed I was not filled up on the amount of food I had eaten which was not a small amount. I ended up eating two burritos just to feel full. My stomach felt empty after eating one burrito. I have never felt satisfied eating plants. I notice that whenever I eat plants, I eat much more food than if I only eat meat. A bit of bacon and steak and I’m good to go for hours. Not so when eating plants.

I spent the rest of the day experiencing various degrees of digestive issues. Later, when I went to bed, the gaseous emissions coming from me seemed never ending. Even after soaking those darn beans for days, I still had bad gas. I do not have gas when I eat meat. I’ll just let that sink in. IF I have gas, it is because I used garlic as a seasoning, or because I ate sugar. Beans contain sugar and fiber both of which are difficult to digest.

It was a painful reinforcement/reminder that meat is the best source of nutrition for me. I woke up at about 2:30 Thursday morning feeling as if a hot coal was burning in my stomach. I had other intestinal issues for most of the day, about which I will not go into detail. Suffice it to say I’m off plants as food for a while… again.


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