Div. Liturgies during the week…

Are my favorite!!

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St. John of San Francisco

Today we commemorated, St. John of San Francisco. Read more about him HERE.

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This is the cathedral he built.
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His relics are also there. You could go and venerate them if you wanted to risk going to, San Francisco. I’m good right here.

Liturgies during the week are my favorite. On Sunday, we are at max capacity. It gets a bit too warm for me. Also, the week day liturgies are not as long and they start earlier than Sunday Liturgy.

I once heard a preacher scoff at the existence of mid-week services. He thought that it showed a sign of weakness to need a mid-week service to make it from one Sunday to the next.

I’m so thankful whenever there are more services in the week. I forgot about two extra services being held last week during the Apostles’ Fast! Our parish priest and his wife have five children. Three of them are grown women with families. One of the husbands commented that our parish has more weekly services than any other he has attended (he is in the military). Christ said He was the Living Water. I don’t know about you but I need more than one serving of water a week to survive.

Do you try to be in church as much as possible when the doors are open? Are you drinking from the Fountain of Immortality? God bless you and give you many years.

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