Month: July 2019

Bacon & beef make me healthy & happy!

Not quite three days until, August 1st. Who is with me for going carnivore the entire month of August? On Thursday morning, I will step onto the scale and weigh myself. I will also take my Myo tape & calipers and measure… Read More

August month of carnivory

I need a “reset”. How about you? July 31st marks the end of, “birthday season” in my family. As much as I try to stick with the way I eat, it’s not exactly popular especially around people who like to party with… Read More

When weird things happen

A couple of weeks ago, one of my UN-neighborly neighbors reported my husband and I to Code Enforcement for the length of the weeds, and grass, in our yard. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. Hilarious because driving around… Read More

Kiddie pool garden

This is my BIG, pink, kiddie pool garden. I don’t think most garden centers still have potting soil available this time of year. It could use about five more bags but I can make do with this amount (12-15 bags?). I lost… Read More

Butterflies & boxes

Is it not beautiful? I went over to my mom and dad’s house yesterday to help them with their garage sale. One time when, Mom was speaking with a customer, I spotted this guy climbing up one of mom’s fences. He was… Read More

Make a career out of your wonder

I talk quite a bit about wonder/wonderment. Not so much here, but is a big part of my off line life. Despite all of the talk about, ‘climate change’, locally sourced food, etc., our society has moved away from nature to our… Read More

Louis L’Amour & prolific authors

I have secretly been a fan of, Louis L’Amour for years… decades. Yesterday, I went to the local branch of my library and perused the shelves of used books for sale. The money raised from the sale of these books goes toward… Read More

Garden ideas

Photo is from a Greek monastery garden. Now all I need are some hard working monks to make my garden dreams come true.

Jesus heals the woman with the issue of blood

Can you imagine bleeding your whole entire life? Not only that, but because your culture believes that a woman’s menstruation is a cures, you cannot go to church (synagogue) as long as you are bleeding. You are entirely cut off form your… Read More

Carnivore diet update

After an extended period of cheating, I am back to eating mostly meat. If I’m not eating meat, I am eating dairy or eggs. Last night for dinner I ate Fage 5% yogurt with two raw egg yolks and a bit of… Read More