Carnivore, or Carnivore+?

No amount of eating meat is going to justify cheating on the carnivore way of eating. I should know, I’ve been trying to make the cheating work and I just cannot.

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The carnivore diet is an animals-as-a-source-of-food diet. I reluctantly use the word, ‘diet’. It’s so much easier to type than, ‘way of eating’. The only other things on the carnivore diet that you could eat that are not meat are; eggs, and dairy (preferable raw if you can get it). Eggs, meat, and dairy. The main things eliminated from veganism. That is what this way of eating is all about. It does even better things for you if you can get past decades of programming and eat it raw. That, however, is not what this post is about. This post is about taking a good look at how you are carrying out this way of eating and whether or not you are cheating.

Are you 100% carnivore or are you carnivore+? The plus being of course eating things that are not carnivore.

It’s easy to cheat. Mindless eating is a common issue among everyone. One day, I was trying to do intermittent fasting and I mindlessly ate something that was part of the carnivore diet but still; it was mindless eating. I was in the kitchen, there was food, it went into my mouth.

When I was on the paleo diet (because carnivore was in the back of my mind but I was still wrestling with lies abotu the need to eat vegetables and dealing with peer pressure) people were complaining that they were not losing any weight or feeling better eating paleo. Well, no duh. They were cooking and eating all of these trendy, ‘paleo’ recipes that were full of nuts, plant oils, and sugar. No wonder they were still suffering and unable to lose weight.

So many people who start an alternative diet such as; keto, paleo, or carnivore- face incredible amounts of opposition and very little to no support. Usually from people whose health is worse off than ours. Some of us are people who use food for comfort. When we face stressful, unpleasant people telling us our way of eating is unhealthy, usually these same people are on 10+ different medications but hey, who’s counting?, what do we do? We turn to food. We self sabotage in an effort to calm ourselves and erase those negative conversations.

What to do?

Unfortunately, there are few boundaries left in America. Trying to live privately casts suspicion upon ourselves as being less than forthright, evasive, guilty even. Tell people you’re going vegan and everyone applauds. Tell people you’re going carnivore & suddenly you are living a crazy lifestyle, eating a diet that excludes certain food sin dangerous! (uh hello veganism…) and everyone is an armchair nutritionist. ‘I saw this story on the news about beef being the apocalypse of foods! You’re gonna die and take the planet with you!!’. Okaaaay.

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There is just no reasoning with these people. Seriously. Mark Twain said, ‘It is easier to fool people than it is to tell them they have been fooled.’.

I have found it best just to keep quiet about how I eat. At first, I wanted to tell everyone. I especially wanted to tell the people who were suffering from illness as I had suffered. These are often the hardest people to talk to about healing through nutrition. They believe the leis about cholesterol, statins, beef=death, etc. that the media pumps out to them daily. the more t.v. people watch the less they seem to be able to think for themselves. The same t.v. stations that air the morning shows telling us how dangerous fast food and beef are for us are also the same t.v. stations paying the bills with ads for fast food, pharmaceuticals, and soda. All things in moderation right? Wrong.

These sorts of eating plans work best when there is no cheating (or as some call it- eating in moderation). Diabetes and heart disease can be linked to eating the same foods and neither is linked to eating beef -if beef is not being eaten with carbs.

Remember when chia pets were fun? Now it’s considered a super food by some people.

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Suddenly every plant is a super food and meat is evil.

The plant based diet message is so prevalent in our society it is almost impossible not to see or hear some message about it on a daily basis especially if you are on any social media platform. So you kind of go somewhere in the middle and eat chocolate coated peanuts for dinner. You get discouraged. You miss your old friend pizza. You  buy a 5 meat pizza and ask for peppers, olives, and mushrooms to appease the god’s of veganism. You’re stressed out and confused and your family is waiting to gloat over your bloated corpse when you finally drop dead from scurvy.


Do your thing, folks. Do  the thing that you know will make you healthy and happy (Except going back to being a serial killer. That episode of, Elementary will always haunt me.).  If that means eating meat, by yourself, at home where no one can see you… so be it. Seriously. There is a particular family member who has always been skeptical about the way I eat and has sabotaged EVERY single family meal by bringing tons of carbs because, ‘It’s just not (insert holiday here) without (insert food here).’ This individual is now facing the possibility that they too may have Celiac disease. I have tried to coach them on dietary changes even before they had a doctor tell them they need to change the way they eat. It has not been easy.

Father;s Day is going to be at my house this year. Everyone is going to be surprised at the menu. No cake, no sweets. There are two diabetics in our family. My husband is one. Why on earth are there sweets at every family gathering?

How I have felt at every family meal in the last 12 years (I’m the one getting her butt kicked.)

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Just when you think it is safe to get back up (or you think the food message has been heard)… BLAMO!

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This one just because it’s funny and who is being a good baby?

Changing the way you eat is difficult. You will face opposition more than you will receive support. Don’t become your own enemy. Don’t cheat. Stick to it with a vengeance. Did you knwo that this is what the bible talks about when we see in scripture that the ‘violent take it by force’? You are being violent against yourself (in a good way not in an abusive way). What are we to take in this scripture? The kingdom of heaven. what are we taking by force concerning the way we eat and changing out diets? Our good health. Taking it by force means we will not allow ourselves to falter, to fail to be talked out of what we are doing. We are stoic and resolute about the path we have chosen.

If you have wandered a bit, get back on track. You can course correct at any time. Good luck. Contact me if you need any help.



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  1. So glad I found your blog. Can totally relate to having people sabotage your dietary choices. Too funny about those very people being on ‘no less than ten or so prescriptions’, LOL, INDEED!! I am eating mostly carnivore now, with select low oxalate fruits and veggies but I am tempted to start eating only meat eggs and a few dairy products as that is the only thing which consistently makes me feel ‘better’. But, it is very hard to do that for many reasons!! Please keep sharing your journey!! ❤️

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    • Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your journey with us. Hang in there. It can feel odd at first to eat in such an unconventional way.

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