The Apostles Fast 2019

What is the Apostles Fast?

The Apostles’ Fast is quickly approaching (June 22nd to June 28th). Are you ready?

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need to prepare for the Apostles’ Fast? It’s a dinky fast- kind of in the middle of the year. I’m busy with kids, life, etc.”

These sorts of fasts are easy to over look. Especially in lieu of ‘bigger’ fasts such as Great Lent and the Nativity Lent both of which last for 40 days.

The Apostles’ fast is a great way to get your feet wet fasting if you are new to Orthodoxy. It is only a week long this year. The Dormition Fast, in August, is 2 weeks long then the Nativity Fast begins in November and, which i have already mentioned, lasts 40 days. The Apostles’ Fast can also be used as a way to reset yourself to the rhythm of the Orthodox Liturgical year if you have become too distracted lately by life and have forgotten to attend services, fast, and/or pray.

The contemporary God is much the same as the contemporary diet – we want as much of Him as we want – anytime, anywhere. There is no rhythm to our desire, only the rise and fall of passions.-Archpriest Stephen Freeman

The Orthodox church is a living, breathing organism. We have joys and sorrows in the Liturgical year- feast and fasts. It is also easy to become distracted by social media and the news. Before we know what happened, we are arguing with one another over dogma. It is so easy to get caught up in these daily struggles & distractions, and forget about the unity of the church. The Apostles’ Fast is about unity with other Christians and churches within Orthodoxy. Everyone is fasting together, praying together, and attending Liturgy together. We are one in the the spirit, yes but also one in our community. I love the feeling of unity in Orthodoxy. We are together even when we are away from the temple. The theme for the Apostles’ fast is, again, unity and love within the church between one another. We are to follow the example set by, Ss. Peter and Paul, put aside our differences and walk in obedience to Christ and HIS teachings.

Praying for unity within the church should be included in whatever payer rule you decide to follow for this fast in keeping with the overall theme of the Apostles’ Fast. You don’t have to but if you are looking for prayer topics outside of your normal prayer rule, unity is a great place to start.

I will be including prayers, and information about the lives of the Apostles for this short fast. Remember, it is only a week long. Prep now if you need to in order to be ready on the eve of the 22nd (that means the fast begins at 6 p.m. on the 21st).

I am amending this post. I wrote that I would be cooking vegan for this fast but after trying to find ways to do vegan keto (the closest thing to low-carb I can find) I just cannot make it work. I will however, be altering my diet to fit the intention of fasting by reducing my caloric in-take and being ultra strict about sugar consumption. I can go dairy-free during this time but I will need to continue to eat an all meat diet.

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