Wild flowers and giant puppies

I have been at my sister’s house lately taking care of the nephew’s giant puppy.

Behind, Zora is a photo of my sister’s dog who passed away over a year ago. those are her ashes in the box in front of the frame.


My sister had to step out for a while which is why I was watching the dog. The dog was spayed on Friday last. You couldn’t tell by the way she was acting. Young dogs heal so fast! She is a sweet girl. She is looking out the window waiting for my sister to come home and probably wondering where she went. This dog loves her people.

On the way back to my house from my sister’s I pulled over to the side of the road and admired some of the wild flowers growing in the fields. I decided to take one home and see if I can draw it in the botanical art style.


I think it is a blue mist pestimone but I am not sure. We have so many beautiful wild flowers blooming right now. I’d love to be able to draw them all. Time, and skill level, are not on my side.

I hope you are all enjoying spring! There will never be another spring like this one.

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