Art, science & religion

I find it odd that so many people believe that you are either a scientist, an artist, or a Christian. It is easier, however, or people to believe a person would be an artist and a Christian before believing they are a scientist and a Christian… but ALL THREE?! Almost impossible to fathom for some I suppose.

Marie Angel was one of those rare persons who combined her love for God, natural science, and art. Here are some examples of her fine art.




My personal opinion is; it must take some sort of dark effort to look at the wonder of creation and believe… truly believe it all happened because of a giant, cosmic explosion.

We talk ourselves out of ‘wonderment’ everyday.  Some in small degrees, others in massive tonnage. I cannot understand why some people are so determined to prove we are all alone. That there is nothing smarter than us. so determined are they to take away this ‘wonderment’ this mystery that they would rather say the most intricate, and precious things in nature, people… happened by accident.

The Fibonacci sequence? Mere happenstance.

Spirale, Fibonacci, numero aureo -

Yet it is found so frequent in nature.

nature's spirals

A perfect way to save space and create energy for growth. NASA looks to nature for ideas on making expandable space ships. LINK TO VIDEO.

If you are a scientist who wishes to learn art, learn it. If you are an artist interested in science, read more about science, nature, etc. You never know how your mind will put the two together. You might just unravel a mystery of your own!

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