Another way the Orthodox church honors women

The Holy Myrrh Bearing Women, Orthodox Icon, Extra Large - at Holy Trinity Store


Holy Myrrhbearers:
The third Sunday after Easter is the Sunday of the
Myrrhbearing women. You women be joyful that you partake of
this special honor from our Resurrected Lord. And through our
most pure Mother Theotokos and the Holy Myrrh-bearing women,
you have a Sunday a year when you are especially honored. May
the Lord multiply in you the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit and
may the gift of Christian love abide truly in you, in order that you
may become maintainers of Christian warmth and harmony.
And those of you (faithful women) who come to church and
pray to the Lord–here and in your home–if you pray attentively
with love, humility and perseverance, you’ll receive help from
God and be comforted in your troubles.
As we preach today on the Sunday of the Holy Myrrhbearing
women, let not forget that all of you–Orthodox Christian women
and your daughters–are called to be the Holy Myrrhbearing
women of the Orthodox Church today and forever.
The young girls and daughters can bring as myrrh to our Lord
Jesus Christ, their clean life—purity of heart and body, their
prayers and obedience to their parents. All students and young
women who come to church regularly, can also bring to Christ
our Savior their mirth of good fragrance: the zeal for good deeds,
mercy and charity towards those in suffering and obedience to
their spiritual father.
Christian mothers will offer our Master their most precious
mirth, which is the birth, raising and education of children in the
fear of God. But also the older mothers, the grandmothers and
widows that are always present in the holy churches of God, may
bring their ointment of tears and prayers as they piously keep the
Orthodox faith and legacy passed on by our ancestors.
Behold, all daughters of the Orthodox Church, today you are
the offspring of the Holy Myrrhbearing women when you hold in
your heart the good fragrance of faith, prayer and Christian love.
If you run with devotion to church along with your children, as the
Holy Myrrhbearing women once ran to the Holy Tomb of our

– Elder Sofian (Boaghiu)

Elder Sofian Boghiu – About the Jesus prayer… – Lord Jesus ...
This is he.
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