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zoradMy name is, Zora. If you ever use your credit card in front of me, I will memorize your password, your pin number and then order bags of dry kibble off of the Internet faster than you can say, ‘No, no, Zora!’. This is my nephew’s dog. She is sweet, big hearted and just too smart. Waaayyy too smart. My nephew put an automatic feeder out for her and programmed it. She watched, and watched, and saw the button he pushed to dispense the food when it was not on the timer. She then helped herself to several extra servings and blessed his carpet with diarrhea. Who’s a good girl? THEN on Easter Sunday, my sister put the jell-o cake on the table close to the edge. Yes, you guessed it: lick, lick, lick! ‘Mmmmmm this white fluffy stuff (Cool-whip Frosting) is delicious!’. Who’s a good girl? Zora. Zora is a good girl!

Update #2: If you have been following this blog for any length of time (THANK YOU) you know that I am trying to be carnivore. lionseatingmeat1

I emphasize the word TRYING. I knew I liked junk food and sugar, and… if I’m honest I must admit to an addiction to sugar. Hello my name is Melissa and I am a sugar-holic. ‘Hello, Melissa’.

People mainly understand addictions to other chemicals. When it comes to food, however it is different. I don’t know how the liquor situation works in other states, but here in Colorado we just had stronger beer allowed to be sold inside grocery stores. Previously it was 3.2 beer only. Everything else was sold in designated liquor stores. Imagine being addicted to alcohol or heroine. Every time you go to the grocery store, you have to walk past tables of alcohol and heroine to get to what you came into the store to buy… not alcohol and heroine. That’s what it is like for me every single blessed time I go grocery shopping. I try not to watch t.v. at night during dinner time. Commercials work for a reason and they work well on me. I’ll take one of each please.

About the middle of Lent, I had reached the 30lb mark on weight loss because of the carnivore diet. I was not using Lent to lose weight. Good thing because about half way through it my husband and I began cheating (of course during Lent). I gained about 10lbs and my face broke out. If you think sugar does not cause pimples think again. After all of that… I am still cheating. My husband thinks there should be all sorts of delicious varieties of food all of the time. I came to the conclusion years ago that food just is not that tasty unless it is junk food. Junk food/fast food… is engineered to be tasty. It’s like going from drinking soda to drinking water. I happen to like water but many people do not like the taste of it. For them it is too bland. Well, soda is engineered to taste good. Great in fact. All processed foods try to reach this thing called a ‘bliss point’. It is a real thing folks… and it works. You are dealing with professional level tampering on how food tastes. Have pity and pray for people who are trying to eat clean and lose weight. They are fighting a real battle.

I am trying to get back onto the carnivore band wagon. It’s tough. One of the things i do consistently is, I think because I start to feel better that i can go back to eating other things… I cannot. I must get over that false concept. At least for now.

Update #3: A friend of mine, a confirmed vegan who raised her son a vegan, is trying to do vegan keto. I’ll let that sink in a moment.

If aliens treated us like vegans treat animals, we’d be ...

Kids, there’s no such thing. When I see images and titles of ‘vegan’ keto recipes I think: TOXINS, TOXINS, TOXINS! Cashews- lectins and IBS… tomatoes- inflammation and diverticulitis… peanuts- mold toxins, constipation, IBS, diverticulitis… etc.

My friend realizes she needs something else in her diet. We talked about animal protein. Maybe she could do chicken and turkey (NEVER beef for some reason because killing cows is worse than poultry?) but how would she sneak it past her son? This concept of people being concerned about the opinions of their children escapes me. As a woman who has no children, and who grew up in a time when your parents’ final word was their final word (although I bucked the system endlessly to no avail…) I have what are I’m sure archaic ideas of how to deal with children. ‘Want to continue to eat vegan while mommy switches to carnivore? Get a job and learn how to cook.’ ‘But mommy I am 12 years old. I have to study for the math quiz on Friday.’ ‘Then hush and eat your steak, My Love.’. Problem solved. Mwahahaha! However, because my friend has spent years ‘educating’ her child on the evils of eating animals, he refuses to do so and is even bothered by her fixing raw meat for her dogs to eat, she now must deal with this kid and his staunch refusal to eat meat. I’m not sure what she will do but I will support her through it.

No one NEEDS to eat vegetables. Ever. At all. For any reason. Years ago (10?) I had read an article by a doctor who said to eat fewer vegetables. Ok… I went to none because 1. I hate the taste of all vegetables. There… I said it. 2. Every time I would eat vegetables I would spend too much time on the toilet praying for death or I would have inflammation flare ups from the toxins in the vegetables.

Update #4: I ran across this video on my Youtube feed. Worth watching at least for the first part. The female physician is very straight forward in how she speaks about unnecessary and potentially deadly procedures and vaccine the medical community subjects people to on a regular basis. What needs to change in healthcare reaches far beyond making it affordable. All procedures and physicians need to be reevaluated and held to higher standards. The death rates from accredited physicians is unacceptably high yet for some reason, because they are doctors they escape any serious punishment or exposure for their crimes. Yes, making these sorts of medical ‘oopsies’ are crimes.

Her comment :’HPV stands for, Help Pay for Vioxx.’. Is priceless!

Update #5: Our roof sustained damage forma hailstorm in September of last year. The roofer company came out to fix it and then the roof leaked from October to February.

fokussiert.com | Fotografien aus 24 Stunden: Eine Katze im Regen und eine Frau mit Schirm
Me inside my leaky house looking out on a sunny day to the dry outside…

In what I hope will be the last thing needed to finish it all up, a painter is coming today to work on our interior. He did more than paint. He reattached dry wall, ‘mudded’ the walls and is now doing the finishing touches.

The Wonders Of The Right Kind Of Exercise For Health And Weight Loss

It has been endless excuses from many of the men who have come out to work on my house. ‘Your roof leaks because it is flat. It is leaking because of your chimney. It is leaking because your house has condensation.’ On, and on, and on. Yes, my house is older. It was built in 1969. I have heard over and over how ‘old’ it is and how so many of the techniques used to build it are no longer being done in construction. I get it but if you are someone who knows your stuff, you will be able to do your thing, and do it right, without blaming; the weather, your equipment, the shape or age of the thing you are working on or planetary alignment.

Planetary Alignment in 2018 Workshop with Jacquie at ...

Everything will be over soon… I hope. I have stress and worries about all of this… we’ll see… Lord have mercy.

Last but not least… art. I am taking an online drawing class. I use the term ‘taking’ loosely because, 1. I am not really taking it form one place to another physically… heh. 2. With everything that has been going on (When I cheat on my diet I have negative effects happen to my body that make me unable to function well. Yes, I know… that is what addiction does to you.) I have not been drawing much lately. I will try to get some drawing done today while the painter is here but maybe not if I need to hide in my bedroom away from the paint fumes. When your body is full of toxins, everything affects how you feel, think, and function.

Recent art lesson. Light on form shading tutorial.

Despite being terrible at completing and turning in my assignments, I love this teacher’s style of teaching. I watch all of her videos. She is teaching me how to see, and draw in a completely different way than past teachers. I appreciate they way she sees and teaches. I have learned so much. My past instructors were also good at what they do that’s not the point. When you think similar to the person who is teaching you something it helps the information to ‘click’. My husband and I have very different brains. He is a software engineer. I am an artist. Yes… you see now do you not?

This post is done for now. Be good, eat meat, drink water!

This was a long post. Here is a butcher’s poster, enjoy!



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