Struggles with food & giving what ‘I hope’ is good advice

DISCLAIMER:I am not a doctor and I am not giving you medical advice. I am a certified herbalist telling you about my personal struggles and the things I have learned to do (through painful trial and error) to improve my health. All information given is anecdotal. If you think any of it would work for you, do your own research and consult your doctor before attempting any of this at home.


If I owned a grocery store, it would only contain a few items; meat, eggs, dairy, an assortment of mushrooms and that’s about it. Folks, plants are for medicinal purposes and not to be consumed on a regular basis. Veganism is a deadly trend and one of the most unhealthy ways to eat. Yes, I am an Orthodox Christian. Fasting from meat, eggs and dairy (among other things) is strongly encouraged in the Orthodox faith. I pretty much only eat these things that are banned and yet… God is merciful and He loves me.

Growing up, my mother was very much into making sure her family had good, nutritious food to eat. This was back in the day before all the various ways of eating were commonly known (BEFORE THE INTERNET kids how scary is THAT?!). If you could not find the information at your local library or bookstore (again… no internet or Amazon) you did not know any different than what you were taught in school, read in a newspaper of heard on a news report (t.v. or radio). You would listen to your transistor radio while taking your pet dinosaur for a walk. Life was slower back then. We did not have the ‘food pyramid’ the deadliest pyramid of all… we have the four food groups.

The four food groups were: fruits & vegetables- of which white potatoes were a huge part, milk, meat and grains.

Things changed and when the food pyramid came out people were eating pretty much the same kind of diet you feed you animals in feed lots. The purpose of a feed lot is to fatten up livestock before slaughtering them. This diet is SO unhealthy that three months into it they must be given antibiotics or they will die from the toxins in grains. And yet this is the diet that the ‘wise’ powers that be have decided is the healthiest. There are two reasons for the food pyramid; all of that grain being grown must be sold somehow… and sick people are big business.

When I got fed up enough of being sick all of the time, I started investigating other ways of eating. I started studying herbs and natural remedies. A life time of being poisoned by manipulative food guides and antibiotics makes for a messed up digestion and endocrine system. What I have found that works best for me is eating meat. I am going to post some videos so that you can see some of the struggles other people are going through. If food and illness are not an issue for you that is great. I’m happy for you. If you do not need this information because you need healing, why not watch it any way so that you can have a better understanding of what those around you might be going through? WARNING: The gal in this video- Daphne, drops F-bombs the way trees drop leaves in autumn. That’s to say ‘she cusses a lot’. That doesn’t mean her words are not worth hearing. It just means you will not need to put hot sauce on your bean burrito this morning cuz, Daphne brings the spice!

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