Orthodox Holy Week Pt. 2- Orthodoxy heals your soul

Orthodox Christianity ultimately focuses on healing our souls.

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I think it is fairly obvious by what I post about my past as a Protestant that I am in the process of healing. My youth in Protestantism was not an issue Per se. I was not abused by any pastor nor did I suffer some church based trauma. I had a fairly happy childhood and going to church was a huge part of my life. I was baptized when I was 12 (my choice).

Most of my issues about religion, God, and ‘spirituality’ came as an adult after I moved up to Denver. I could not find a place to, ‘plug in’ as a Christian. The places I tried out were very clique-y and there was no difference in behavior between those persons who called themselves ‘Christian’ and went to church and those who did not. Things were already getting loose and open for interpretation. I went off into the ‘weeds’ of secular life and it took me a few years to get back on track. If you want to keep your children out of the mire of sin, keep them with you longer than you think you should. Let them move back in if they need to, and encourage them to build their life outside of large cities.

While I went in search of a way to worship that filled in some of the holes of my spiritual understanding, I went to Evangelical churches, I went to houses of prayer, I went to cowboy churches. The one thing they had in common was that deep down inside they all thought everyone else was ‘churching’ wrong.

I finally became fed up enough with it all and started looking for something more… something with more dogma. Friends, I was seriously contemplating becoming, Amish. I would have too if; 1. I was not so terrified of farm animals, 2. If I had not- blessedly and thank you Lord God… found the Orthodox Church. Not that it was lost, I just had never heard of it before although I had driven past it for years and wondered what was going on in that pink building.

Orthodoxy heals our souls. It gives us resources for digging deep and cleaning out the muck and mire we have allowed to build up inside of us.

As part of Orthodox Holy Week, I offer to you this teaching by Priestmonk Kosmas. The Title is: Does Christianity Really cause Guilt, Depression, and Despair?

If you get over yourself… if you get over the wrong teachings of Protestantism regarding Mary, the icons, the priest and… and… whatever else you think you are righteously protecting yourself from, you too have the opportunity to finally find the healing you have been seeking your entire life but have not yet found.

Orthodoxy is breathing life back into my bones… back into my very soul. It has revived me. It has taught me that God loves me… and I will suffer. God is merciful… and I will suffer. Taking the REAL eucharist has been healing for me. Am I at 100%, no and if I never get to 100% I pray the Lord will have mercy on me, and I know He will walk with me in my suffering because He is good and loves me. He also loves you. NO matter what is going on in your life right now… God loves you.

I want to extend an offer to you. Send your prayer requests to me. I will take them to the priest and have them prayed over during Liturgy. All comments must be approved before they are put up on this site. This means that no one will see your prayer request but me… the priest… and God.

Please forgive me if any of this has offended you. If it has perhaps there is some truth to it that has been bothering you now for sometime. Maybe you and/or your family have not been able to find a church to call home? Are the books you’re reading feeding you and pointing you in the right direction or do they leave you feeling empty and dry even immediately after finishing reading them? What more do you need from God to know that you’re going in the wrong direction or that the raft you are on is sinking fast? Go to some Orthodox services. Find out first hand what you have been missing out on in your Christian journey.

Sorry for the long post… look… ‘nunlies’!

Christ the Savior ~ Holy Spirit Orthodox Church; V. Rev. Steven Kostoff, Rector - Monasticism


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