Should you vaccinate against measles?

Today on a world news program, one of the news anchors claimed that there was a measles outbreak among unvaccinated communities. What she failed to mention (possibly to scare people into being vaccinated?) was that many of those infected had already received the measles vaccine.

Fearmongering has long been used as a tactic to bend the populace to the will of a narrow leadership (or perhaps narrow minded would be a better description?).

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate continues to be a hot topic full of criticisms and judgements on both sides. Those commercials for the HPV vaccine are heinous in their use of guilt and shame to pressure parents into having their children vaccinated.

Whatever you decide is right for your child, make your decision from a place where YOU did YOUR research and make an informed decision. Do NOT make this decision out of fear.

If you live in contact with an Amish or Jewish community and you’re reading this and they know you and trust you, please help them make the decision that is best for them without perpetuating fear and misinformation. If they need access to medical articles, help guide them or print out what they need to read if they do not have Internet access and cannot easily get to a library.

People who are vaccinated can still spread the disease. They can come down with it too. A vaccination is not a magic bullet. It does not kill everything. There is NO guarantee that being vaccinated will protect you from becoming ill.

There is so much more going on here than just a shot.

Keeping your immune system in good condition helps tremendously. If you have spent the winter fighting allergies, colds, flu, etc. you are already compromised. There are going to be people around you who must go to work or school no matter how sick they are or how infectious. Wear a medical mask while in public. Preferably one lined with charcoal. Wash your hand frequently especially after using public transportation or touching any surface. Avoid eating sugar. It can reduce your body’s ability to heal itself effectively and cause inflammation. If your body is trying to deal with inflammation from another source, it cannot be as effective against other diseases and illnesses.

Eat more foods high in vitamin C if it does not bother you or will not interfere with medications you are taking. Garlic and oregano are natural anti-biotics. Look it up.

If there is an outbreak of anything in your area, be vigilant. Limit your time in public. Wash your hands (and face if necessary) when you come back home. If you take your dog for walks on sidewalks, wash their paws when you come home.

No one thing is going to completely keep you safe but that does not mean we should give in to fear and be vaccinated or give up on good hygiene and natural remedies.

If you work in a daycare or school… CLEAN IT. Get that big can of Lysol and spray it down like a crop duster trying to kill an infestation because that’s what you’re trying to do! Do it every night before you leave and on Friday night so the rooms can marinate over the weekend.If you can, come in and wash down hard surfaces with hot water. Use a separate rag for each room; rinse and refill the bucket for each room. If you don’t have Lysol use a small amount of bleach in those buckets of water.

Hospitals are the worst when it comes to germs. If you visit someone in a hospital, change your clothes the second you get home. In fact, have your clothes already waiting for you in your bathroom. Disrobe inside your front door then go to the bathroom, take a shower and THEN get dressed in your fresh clothes. Do not wear your shoes inside your house… EVER. have a separate pair of shoes you only wear in the house, or use slippers. The bottoms of your shoes are covered in nasty, deadly bacteria. Spray them with disinfectant every time you come home.

Please, educate yourself with something other than news sound-bites designed to induce irrational fear.

You CAN take responsibility for your health, and the health of your family.

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