My drawing wish list

gberrydAfter, Donald Trump won the presidency, I gave up on Facebook due to the nastiness being posted constantly. Who needs that?

While on Facebook, I belonged to a great Botanical Illustration group. The work was amazing! These hardworking artists could draw anything and make it look like a master piece. They are part of the reason why I am so interested in becoming a Botanical Illustrator.

One of the things I have seen them draw with perfection is this… the Cape Gooseberry. Their illustrations were so beautiful. The soft, papery casing of the berry looked ethereal. Almost like fairy wings. The yellowy orange berry glowing inside looked like a tiny sun. There is so much going on here and yet, it is such a simple image… and yet, there is nothing simple about it.

The humble, magnificent, Cape Gooseberry is on my drawing wish list.

Do you have a wish list? I’d love to hear about it.

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