My drawing wish list

gberrydAfter, Donald Trump won the presidency, I gave up on Facebook due to the nastiness being posted constantly. Who needs that?

I belonged to a great Botanical Illustration group. The work was amazing! These hardworking artists could draw anything and make it look like a master piece. They are part of the reason why I am so interested in becoming a Botanical Illustrator.

One of the things I have seen them draw with perfection is this… the Cape Gooseberry. I used to think it was so beautiful. The soft, papery casing of the berry looked ethereal. Almost like fairy wings. The yellowy0orange berry glowing inside like a tiny sun. There is so much going on here and yet, it is such a simple image… but then again, there is nothing simple about it.

The humble, magnificent, Cape Gooseberry is on my drawing wish list.

Do you have a wish list? I’d love to hear about it.


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