New icons arrived

On the left is:Mother of God of the Three Joys. In this icon we see, Mary hold the Christ child. Joseph is on the left and St. John the baptist is on the right. The legend of the icon is as follows.

In the early 18th century, one of the Russian painters sent by Peter the Great to Italy to complete their education, brought a copy of the icon ‘The Holy Family” to Moscow and left it with a relative of his, the priest of the Church of the Holy Trinity “On the Mud” located in Pokrovka Street in Moscow. Soon he once again went abroad and died there. The priest, having learned about his death, donated the icon to his church where he installed it over the entrance to the church. About 40 years later, a certain noble lady got into serious trouble: her husband was defamed and sent into exile, her son was taken prisoner during a war, and her estate was confiscated. The woman turned in her sorrow to the Heavenly Queen with a fervent prayer and one day she heard a voice that commanded her to find an icon of the Holy Family and say a prayer before it. She spent much time looking lot that icon and finally found it. Having said a prayer before the icon, she soon received three joyful pieces of news; her husband was acquitted, her son was delivered from captivity, and her estate was returned’ to her. The icon shows the Most Holy Theotokos with the Pre-Eternal Infant. Standing on Her right is St. Joseph and on Her left, St. John the Baptist. 
 Feast day: December 26/January 8.


The other icon is of, Mary and several well known saints. Its legend is as follows.

Icon of the Mother of God “In sorrow and grief Consolation” – a Triptych. In addition to the Blessed Virgin Mary, it shows the St. George the Victorious, and Demetrius of Thessalonica on horseback, St. John the Baptist and the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian, Saint Anthony, Euthymius, Onufry, Sava the Sanctified, saints Spyridon and Nicholas. Before the icon of Our Lady  pray for the healing of suffering a headache, muteness, paralysis, relaxation, for the healing of soul and body …


Although it lists different prayer requests one may pray before the icon, this is not to say that these are the ONLY prayers one may pray before this icon. You do not need a different icon for each thing for which you need an answer to prayer. Many saints were able to heal through the Holy Spirit. You do not need several icons of healers just pick the saint which the most touches your heart.

A very brief and incomplete list of healing saints:

St. Herman of Alaska

St. Nicholas (yes… THAT St. Nick)

St. Matrona (my patron saint)

St. Panteleimon

Also, here is a LINK to additional female saints of healing and medicine.

The reason why I chose the triptych icon (the icon of Mary and all the saints) is because I wanted more icons of saints in my home and this is the most economical way for me to have that variety. I knew some of the saints in the icon but I have enjoyed researching and learning about the others.

I bought more icons for my home on the recommendation from the author of the Songs of Praise book I read during the first part of Lent. Read article HERE. I have heard one needs an icon in each room of their home. She also brought this up with a recommendation to ‘cense’ your home while praying an akathist to, Mary. I have placed the icons and prayed but I have not yet done incense in those rooms. Already… I can tell a difference in the atmosphere of my home. Things are more peaceful.

When you increase your prayer rule/life, the spiritual warfare begins. Placing icons around your home can help with that. LINK What is YOUR icon situation?



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