Stop shedding blood ‘for Christ’

In light of what is happening around the world, what has been happening, I am highlighting today the lives of two Russian princes: Sts. Boris and Gleb. 

Boris and Gleb - Wikipedia
By worldly standards, these two brothers had every right to kill their enemy (a third brother) but they chose death over shedding blood.

Please read all of the articles. They are very informative and I cannot do them justice trying to condense them into a smaller post. The basics however are; stop killing your enemies and blaming it on scripture. God never told us to kill anyone. The major theme of the gospels is love. If you’re going around killing people it’s for the sake of your own pride and heart filled with hate and unforgiveness which boil down to pride. All sin is based in pride.

You think you know better than God who is allowed to live, who is allowed to die, you are prideful. You think it is your job to avenge the wrongdoings of others against the innocent, you are prideful. Vengeance belongs to God. He decides how to deal with those who come against us.

We have the right to pray for our enemies. To love them… not to kill them.

Have revenge movies tainted us? Have we given too much of ourselves over to the philosophies of the world rather than the teachings of Christ? If you are going around murdering people in the name of God then yes.

Blame your murderous heart on yourself, on your passions but never on God.

Lord have mercy on the victims and on those who attack them.

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