Month: March 2019

What’s your icon situation?

If you read one person’s opinion you’ll see that they place prayer above icons: ‘My grandmother had only one small set of icons and prayed to them everyday. Don’t become an icon junky.’ vs. ‘Put an icon of the Theotokos (Mother of… Read More

Why be a monastic? (I)

via Why be a monastic? (I) I can’t help but wonder if American Orthodox parents talk to their children about being monastics? I see in the article that many monastics had to go through flames to get to their monasteries. America is… Read More

This dog almost died today from over vaccination

I held her in my arms as my sister and I raced to the vet to save her. She made it, but just barely. As soon as she arrived home form the vet from having her; rabies, parvo and distemper vaccines, she… Read More

Stop shedding blood ‘for Christ’

In light of what is happening around the world, what has been happening, I am highlighting today the lives of two Russian princes: Sts. Boris and Gleb.  Please read all of the articles. They are very informative and I cannot do them… Read More

I’m ready for spring

Memory Eternal

In May of last year, I attended my first Orthodox Christian funeral. An elderly member who had previously lost both of his legs to type 2 diabetes ‘fell asleep’ at the age of 78. Today, I received an email from my parish’s… Read More

Egg plants in watercolor

My first attempt at egg plants in watercolor. It’s hard… watercolor is haarrrd! Perhaps one day I’ll look forget how hard it was but for today… it’s HARD!

Drawing tutorial videos

Looking for free art tutorial videos? The Northern Kentucky University has a great selection of free tutorial videos. I am still taking the watercolor tutorial I signed up for through, Mindy Lighthipe. I am also awaiting the start of her drawing class… Read More