Orthodoxy continually shows us how, Jesus restores women after the fall

SAINTS: Peter — Waiting For The Cockcrow, by Greg Friedman – The Value of Sparrows
St. Peter denying Christ.

If you think women should continue to be persecuted, and thought of as, ‘less than’ men because of what happened in the garden of Eden, think again… after reading an Orthodox Christian bible.

For a Christian church with an undeserved reputation for being ‘against women’ just because they do not allow female priests, the Orthodox Christian church is the only church I have ever attended that introduced me to the God of Mercy, and continuously shows me how loving, (again) merciful, and eager God is to restore women after the fall. As I read through the commentary of the Orthodox Christian Study bible, I again and again, am stunned by the actions of this compassionate God to whom I feel I am constantly rediscovering. None of the so-called ‘progressive’ churches I attended ever brought me face-to-face with the God I am discovering through Orthodox Christianity.

Today’s scripture reading takes (in part) to John 18:1-27. In this passage, Christ shows His majesty by being continuously in control of His ‘Passion’. He is not taken by those who seek Him. He gives Himself up to them to be arrested. He is not a victim. He is, and always will be, the Master of His destiny, and our lives/salvation.

In this passage of scripture we also see the story of, Peter denying Christ three times before the rooster crows. The first perosn to whom he denies, Christ is a woman. The servant girl who is in charge or the door at the house of the high priest. The home to which, Jesus was taken. The commentary of the study bible reads; 18:17 A girl being the first to test, Peter is an icon of the temptation of, Adam by, Eve (Gen. 3:6). This fallen state is overcome in, Christ when a woman is the first to; hear, believe, and proclaim the Resurrection. (John 20:1, 11-18)

A woman… and she proclaimed the resurrection to men! Jesus restores. Jesus lives. Jesus is merciful toward women. You cannot call yourself a Christian and believe that you have the right to oppress  any other human… especially women. If you still believe this, you are trying to justify your own sinful passions.

Telling women they cannot be priests is not being oppressive. Beating women because they are women, refusing to employ women because they are women, denying basic human rights to women because they are women, holding women to a different moral code than men because they are women, etc. THAT is being oppressive.

Christ liberates all of His people. He loves us all. He came and died and rose from the dead for us all. He is merciful and loves us all.

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