How meat is saving my life

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When I was 30, I had a cancer scare. When I was 31, I had another one. With a cancer scare comes surgeries to remove tissue for biopsies. When you spend a summer with tubes inside of you, recovering from surgery, you have time to think about life, your future (will I have one?) and whatever else pops into your head.

It was the beginning of change. Change that was slow to come. I looked around at peopl to e in my life who were ill most of the time. How did they eat? How did they live? What could I do different that might prolong my life?

Most of the people in my life who seemed to be sick all of the time had two things in common: deep seated resentment & unforgiveness… and they ate either the S.A.D. way or ate mostly a plant based diet. These people ate what their doctor’s and t.v. told them to eat. A bowl of oatmeal every morning or muesli if you were ‘fancy’.

Muesli vs. Granola, | Foodsite Magazine

Whatever you call it, it is down right almost impossible for many people to digest AND many grains are used by ranchers to fatten livestock before slaughter. Now what makes you think that you can digest grains and fibrous plant matter better than a ruminant which is designed by God to digest this tough stuff? What makes you think you can eat 9 servings of grains per day and not gain weight? Oh… maybe if you almost kill yourself in the gym everyday you’ll avoid gaining weight? Or even more likely, you will walk around calorie deficient and hungry all of the time. Miserable because you think you must starve yourself to lose weight. That old; calories in vs. calories out. Why is it we can have innovation in almost every aspect of our modern lives but not how we eat and workout  are sacred cows that must not be challenged. Well… I, and a whole bunch of other people are healing ourselves by eating meat.

I first tried the paleo way of eating but trying to choke down vegetables, and digest them, made this way of eating unpleasant for me. Keto was too much like paleo and never really appealed to me. I knew about Stefansson and his all meat diet, but family and peer pressure kept me from fully embracing it. I was weak back then but now, as my health continues to recover from decades of bad nutrition; I am fully embracing the carnivore way of life… loving it, and the benefits that come with eating an all meat diet.

I used to go around extolling the virtues of paleo to anyone who would listen. After all, I had witnessed first hand many people go to a GF diet only to later be diagnosed with MS. Reports are coming in of people with MS being cured of it by eating an all meat diet. Cured of T2D. Cured of depression. Cured, cured, cured.

What is keeping you from taking the plunge and going carnivore? Have you ever noticed how people in the ‘health and fitness’ arena keep touting cal. in vs. cal. out as THE WAY  to go when it comes to losing weight? If it is so great, why push so many supplements… many with caffeine? Could it be because losing weight, ‘the old fashioned way’ is so hard to do that many people cannot do it without supplementation?

Do you know what your reward is when you lose weight on one of those calorie counting meal plans you see advertised on t.v.? Fewer calories. Each time you go down in weight, you go down in how much food you are allowed to eat. Gee, what a great motivator… less food… NOT!

When you eat the carnivore way, you eat until you are full. You do not walk around feeling hungry and deprived. Why not? You are allowed to eat. Look at lions and wolves. Are they fat? No. They eat meat until they are full then they lay around in the sun all day until it’s time to kill and eat. Rough life.

Why are you still beating that dead cal. in vs. cal. out horse? It has nothing left to give except frustration and illness.

I am so thankful to the carnivore community I joined up with in Twitter. They, and my husband, keep me going.

It’s ok not to eat vegan. You were not designed to eat vegetables. Plants are medicine, not food. What happens when you take too much medication? Well, it’s the same with eating plants.

The Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Stop eating the way you are now, the way that made you sick & fat expecting it to heal you. Eat the way that contradicts everything you thought you knew about nutrition or were told and see what it can do for you.

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