So many reds…


On the left you see the long purple streak. That is Quinacridone Violet. Ignore that. We are talking today about the three red lines on the right. From top to bottom there are; Pyrrol Scarlet by Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton Winsor Red, and Winsor Newton Cadmium Red. They may appear similar to identical on your monitor, but they are a bit different. Pyrrol Scarlet is supposed to be a substitute for Winsor Red. I find, however, that P. Scarlet and Cad. Red are very close to each other in pigment. More so than Winsor Red and P. Scarlet. P. Scarlet seems to have more of an orange/warm side while the Winsor Red seems more blue/cool. While Winsor Red looks more blue to me, it is still considered a warm red.

The differences seem subtle until to set out mixing pigments for new colors. Things can really begin to show their variations if you are mixing the wrong pigments. You might expect a certain color and end up with mud. Plus, if you are taking a mixing course and the instructor is using a different brand than you, you must always keep in mind the name of your alternative whenever she mentions the color she is using. Maybe it’s better to upgrade to whatever colors are being used for the class? Often times when trying to save money, we end up spending more in the long run going back and buying what we should have purchased to begin with?

I had a mix of Winsor Newton colors, nothing wrong with that, and Daniel Smith. The instructor is using all DS colors. I should have just gone out and bought the identical set she is using to teach the class. I tried to make due with my WN counter colors. It’s ‘ok’ but the P. Scarlet is more orange than the other reds. I’m switching to it to be on the same page as the instructor.

Do you need to overhaul your supplies? Is it time to upgrade from student to professional artist grade materials? I think you might enjoy your creative process better if you did. As one tube of paint or pencil wears out, upgrade to pro. quality materials.

Let me know if you do and what you think about the upgrade.

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