Adult reading program at my library


Every year during winter, my local library holds an adult reading program. There is a themed mug every participant receives upon completion of the program. A record is kept of the books you read and that record goes into a drawing for additional prizes. Last year, I read several of Joanne Fluke’s murder mysteries and fell in love with the characters living in the small town of Eden Lake.

This year, I am reading ‘young people’ books. A sample list is;


The Redwall

The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine

And others TBA.

Why a selection of kid books? i feel that as I have grown older, my imagination has shriveled up. I am attempting to water it and see if it can be revived. On social media and Pinterest, I see wonderful works of art by very imaginative artists.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier | Feeding the Fire Within
Edmund Dulac… frogs with wings!
Best of ‘The Snow Queen’ Art, Part 3 | Indigo Xix
Beautiful cityscape with a Snow Queen hovering.

Jennifer Meyers creates cute bunny themed art from a bunny archer to a bunny chef (among other wonderful illustrations) LINK

In the hustle and bustle of life which includes aging parents, & taking care of family at various stages of unwellness, it can be easy to forget to feed your creativity. However, just as any other skill set, imagination needs regular ‘exercise’ and practice. Athletes workout. Woodworkers carve, and create. So too do the fires imagination of any artist need to be kept alive. That’s what I’ll be doing during the reading program and after it is officially over. I am blowing on the embers hoping to rekindle my imagination… hoping it’s not too late.

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