What is the REAL reason behind your veganism?

Yesterday marked the beginning of the season before lent/Pascha known as the Triodion. The briefest of descriptions I can give of the story is: The Pharisee prayed loud and proud for all to hear. He was showing off how 'holy' he was because of his prayers and alms giving. Pharisees made a point of praying … Continue reading What is the REAL reason behind your veganism?


Light box set up

How do you set up your light source for botanical illustration? Quite a bit of paper, ink and conversation has gone into proper light source set up. When i was taking classes at the Denver School of Botanical Illustration, there were a couple of options given for light box construction. One was a foam core … Continue reading Light box set up

Orthodox Christians read their bibles

  As I journeyed toward Orthodoxy and told people about it; my ex-Roman Catholic father, and mother who is the grand-daughter of a Lutheran pastor, friends who knew nothing about Orthodoxy except the wrong information they had been fed or was easiest to find and believe,  I encountered some opposition. After the old standbys of; … Continue reading Orthodox Christians read their bibles

Orthodoxy continually shows us how, Jesus restores women after the fall

If you think women should continue to be persecuted, and thought of as, 'less than' men because of what happened in the garden of Eden, think again... after reading an Orthodox Christian bible. For a Christian church with an undeserved reputation for being 'against women' just because they do not allow female priests, the Orthodox … Continue reading Orthodoxy continually shows us how, Jesus restores women after the fall

How meat is saving my life

When I was 30, I had a cancer scare. When I was 31, I had another one. With a cancer scare comes surgeries to remove tissue for biopsies. When you spend a summer with tubes inside of you, recovering from surgery, you have time to think about life, your future (will I have one?) and … Continue reading How meat is saving my life

So many reds…

On the left you see the long purple streak. That is Quinacridone Violet. Ignore that. We are talking today about the three red lines on the right. From top to bottom there are; Pyrrol Scarlet by Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton Winsor Red, and Winsor Newton Cadmium Red. They may appear similar to identical on your … Continue reading So many reds…