Another good reason to leave Protestantism

St. Gregory

A few years ago, The Head Covering Movement began. Woe to any commentator who tried to be the voice of reason in the comments section of their website: I tried and was banned for life. (feel free to look them up on the Internet. I will not link to their site as it is filled with heresy I will not promote.) Such man-made and very personal, hate-filled doctrines damage the male/female dynamic. It causes separation and division among men and women not only in a parish but in the home. It breeds mistrust and resentment.

The Orthodox Christian Church has a very different and ACCURATE view of scripture when it comes to how women are viewed in The Church, our salvation, and the relationship between men and women. While the Orthodox Church does not allow female priests (I get it now and have no issue with it) and it encourages head covering for women, it is the most healthy environment for women I have ever encountered. Here are two links to articles I highly encourage you to read. If, after you have read them, you would like to comment on them, please do.

St. Gregory discourse #37

Women Disciples