Ten years ago vs. now challenge

Here is a photo of a buck!

There is a social media challenge going on presently involving people posting photos of themselves 10 years ago along side photos taken recently. The objective is to show how much you have changed.

I began looking through old photos and quite frankly, I cannot handle the painful memories associated with many of the photos I have looked through. Because of this, I have posted a photo of one of the many deer that consider our front yard their napping space, nursery and maternity ward. He is a handsome fella.

Ten years ago, Obama had been sworn into office. The following years after that were a terrible time in my personal, and my family’s, history. I’m not saying everything we went through was HIS fault, just the economic hell we are still trying to climb out of ten years later.

Ten years ago, my sister’s house had not yet burned to the ground in the Waldo Canyon fire. The fire was so hot it didn’t just burn her entire home to ash… it melted her granite counter tops too. It-melted-stone.

My husband ended up in the hospital for a week after going into a diabetic coma AFTER having lost his job as an independent contractor when the company he worked for lost its funding for their project. He then could not afford insulin which in turn lead to the coma. He was out of work for 3 years. We almost lost everything during that time including our home. He is still recovering from all of that.

My sister was diagnosed with cancer. Her son went through a painful break up. A friend of hers died from cancer and another will soon.

The health of my parents continues to deteriorate.

The health of some of our friends has drastically been affected by certain chemicals. A friend of my husband’s girlfriend died from cancer. He is struggling to remain in the house they shared. If he is evicted he will be homeless.

Some of our friends have been through horrific issues in their marriages. A couple of those marriages ended in divorce. People’s children are lost, directionless, and some have even tried to commit suicide.

I wish I could forget most of the last ten years.

In 2008/2009 I was heavily involved in the paleo diet and seeing great results. I was 40 lbs lighter than I am now… and I had more hair. I’m no where near bald but when you go through health issues, your skin, hair and nails are affected first, and are the last things to heal. I began eating the carnivore way and my hair has stopped falling out.

Good riddance to the last ten years. I hope this year begins a new season of blessings. We sure could use more of them. I’m not saying God has turned His back on us. He has done so much for us and I am grateful for all of the blessings in my life. I just know how things used to be vs. how they are now and I am struggling with where we are now. We are coming out of the woods, yes but it still feels from time-to-time as if there is a bear trap on my ankle and it just will not let me go. I do believe that, President Trump is doing his very best to reverse the hardships we have experienced in our country that happened not just with Obama in office but with previous leaders as well.

I believe that President Trump truly loves America and wants to see her thriving again as in days of old.

In my personal life I know that keeping a momentum is much easier than beginning a new journey. America, and I, have lost our momentum over the last 10 years. As difficult as it is, we need to begin anew… and then KEEP GOING.

Have you lost your momentum? Is it time for you to being anew? It’s only too late to make changes after you are dead. If you are reading this then there is still a chance for you to have the life you have always dreamed of living.

I working on mine. Whatever your dreams are for your future, they begin the day you are ready to begin. No one can make you take that first step until you are ready. I am not going to push you into doing something you are not yet ready to do. I am merely explaining where I am today and where I am headed in the very near future.

your life only gets better when you do. work on yourself and the rest will follow.